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biotelix Ear care is essential to maintain not only hygiene, but also the efficiency of the hearing system. Using ear cleaners, for example in the form of a spray, removes wax deposits, which prevents hearing problems in the long run. Biotelix is a safe preparation that thoroughly cleans the ear canal and prevents the formation of earwax plugs .

  • A blend of exotic oils and nutrients
  • Removes earwax and other impurities
  • Eliminates itching and discomfort
  • It does not leave a feeling of greasy and sticky

What is Biotelix and who is it intended for? Is it a good and safe ear cleaner?

Improper ear cleaning with a cotton bud or inadequate removal of secretions can cause inflammation, pain, ear congestion and even hearing problems. Biotelix is a multifunctional, two-phase oil with exceptional care properties . It is recommended for all people who suffer from overproduction of earwax or just want to take care of their hearing organs to avoid future ailments. This ear cleaning oil contains two phases of active ingredients. The first layer consists of exotic oils with a strong care effect . The second layer is a mixture of nutrients and plant extracts. All ingredients have been added in a very high concentration, which increases the effectiveness of the oil. Biotelix does not irritate the ear and safely dissolves the ear plug, alleviating the unpleasant symptoms caused by mechanical obstruction in the ear.

How does Biotelix work? – two-step operation = high efficiency

  • Cleaning and unclogging the ear

The task of the oil is to comprehensively take care of the condition of the hearing and the entire organ, which is the ear. Most people turn to Biotelix when they begin to feel the unpleasant feeling of “blocked ear”, inflammation and pain. A concentrated blend of coconut oil and lemongrass oil dissolves residual wax in the ear canal. In turn, myrrh and witch hazel extracts stimulate the natural self-cleaning processes.

  • Care and hydration

Argan oil and sweet almond oil strongly moisturize the skin, which eliminates itching and burning. Additionally , clove oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also weakens the activity of free radicals. Plantain extract soothes irritation and inflammation. Biotelix prevents infection, provides high ear hygiene without regular irrigation.

How to use Biotelix? – leaflet, instructions for use

Applying ear oil is simple, but requires a moment of attention and precision. At the very beginning, pour a small amount of the oil into a special dropper. Gently insert the tip of the dropper into the ear, but not too deeply so as not to damage the string membrane. The recommended dose is about 1-3 drops, instilled into each ear canal. Use at least once a week. For hygiene reasons, one dropper should only be used by one person.

Composition of Biotelix – what natural oils and extracts does the preparation contain?

  • Argan Oil ( Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil ) – a noble and precious oil obtained from the seeds of the argan tree. It has been valued in cosmetology for centuries. It not only perfectly moisturizes and smoothes the skin, but also brightens it and tones it. Argan oil is irreplaceable in the fight against skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis and acne.
  • Macadamia Oil ( Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil ) and Sweet Almond Oil – A rich oil that provides vitamins, phenols, minerals and phenols. it is extracted from nuts that grow on the macadamia tree.
  • Lemongrass Oil ( Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil Expressed ) – has toning and refreshing properties. It has a strong disinfecting and antibacterial effect. It does not dry out the skin and does not affect the delicate lipid layer of the skin. Leaves a fresh and pleasant fragrance.
  • Witch hazel, myrrh and plantain extract – have antiseptic and antibacterial properties. They reduce puffiness and swelling. They are also used to protect against free radicals and UV radiation.
  • Extract of Tahitian gardenia and sage flowers – the extract of these flowers is characterized by a beautiful scent. However, it is used not only because of its smell, as it soothes irritation, inflammation and accelerates wound healing.
  • Clove oil ( Eugenia Caryophyllus Bud Oil ) – has unique warming and analgesic properties. Hence, it works very well during inflammation or infections. It also shows bactericidal and disinfecting properties.
  • Coconut oil and sunflower seed oil – provide vitamin E, which has been called the vitamin of youth. It protects hearing cells against aging and the negative effects of free radicals.

Biotelix – opinions – what do the customers say about the product?

  • I feel like a 100% grandma again! I love to take care of my grandchildren, but at some point my hearing started to play tricks. I was very sorry when my grandchildren laughed at me. Hearing problems not only affected my contact with my grandchildren, but also made my daily activities difficult. I was sad and depressed more and more. I was lucky to find Biotelix, which brought me relief after the first month. After 30 days, my hearing was working like that of a 30-year-old girl. He regained his vitality and I feel younger! – Teresa, 70 years old
  • I have regained my hearing and do not need to wear a hearing aid! My hearing problems started before my 40th birthday. When talking to my friends, I felt stupid because I had to ask them several times to repeat what they said. I decided to buy a hearing aid which allowed me to hear better, but unfortunately it strongly influenced my confidence. When I read the positive reviews about Biotelix, I was convinced that I wanted to test it, although I did not believe that something so relatively cheap would help me. I found out on my own skin that it works. I would highly recommend! – Sandra, 48 years old
  • It really works I don’t know exactly when my hearing became worse. I turned the TV louder and louder and louder. My wife was getting irritated by the noise and the fact that I didn’t answer her. There were fights that I wasn’t listening to her, but I just didn’t hear her talking to me! I was ashamed, but had to admit that I had hearing problems. Then my wife bought this oil for me, and whether I like it or not, I started using it to avoid my wife’s moaning. My surprise was huge, because after 3 weeks I regained my hearing and I can hear as well as before! – Krzysztof, 55 years old

Where to buy Biotelix?

If you want to get rid of ear problems or just take care of your hearing organs, you are probably wondering where to buy an ear cleaner. Will it be a pharmacy, natural medicine store, herbal plant, ebay or Amazon? None of these answers are correct. The manufacturer of the preparation, wanting to protect the innovative formula that regenerates hearing and to provide customers with high quality and originality, allowed to sell the oil only on the official website. Moreover, every reader of our website who will order the product for the first time will get a chance to get up to 50% discount! Below you will find a link, after clicking, just fill out a short form. Do not wait, because the number of packages in the promotion is limited!

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