Carattia Serum – opinion on the preparation for face care

carattia serum Carattia Serum is a luxurious serum for face and neck care, which, compared to other cosmetics, gives an increased effect. Thanks to it, the skin is healthy, firm, smooth and radiant.

The innovative composition guarantees the high effectiveness of the product. The serum is used by made of 24 carat gold.

How exactly does it work? How to apply it? We invite you to read the review.

What damages the complexion? How to counteract it?

Our complexion is damaged by many factors, both internal and external. The former include, among others improper diet, stress, stimulants, wrong choice of care products. We have less influence on air pollution, exposure to light or extreme temperatures.

In order to comprehensively protect the skin and at the same time delay the aging process, systematic work is needed. The sources of the problem indicated above should be eliminated (where possible). At the same time, you need to use the best cosmetics that actually work and maintain the effect for a long time. Carattia Serum is one of them. Meets all requirements.

Carattia Serum is a serum with an innovative formula that is suitable for the care of all skin types. It will take care of mature, sensitive and oily skin. The richness of active compounds means that the product helps in many areas and reaches where it is most needed.

What are the indications for using Carattia Serum?

Carattia Serum is a universal serum that can be used by adults. For obvious reasons, it is mainly used by women, but there are also no contraindications for the opposite sex. It will be especially useful for people with wrinkles, discoloration and inappropriate, unhealthy skin tone.

The serum has a wide spectrum of activity, so it will work in various fields and comprehensively take care of the appearance of the skin, neck and cleavage. It is an agent that delays the aging process and, to some extent, restores youth.

What are the effects of using Carattia Serum?

  • reduces the depth of wrinkles and reduces their visibility;
  • weakens the characteristic “crow’s feet” near the eyes;
  • improves skin firmness and elasticity;
  • prevents skin aging and has a rejuvenating effect;
  • moisturizes the skin and prevents moisture loss;
  • nourishes the skin and improves microcirculation;
  • restores skin radiance;
  • improves skin tone and eliminates discoloration;
  • strengthens the epidermis, protecting it against damage;
  • it is a good protection against unfavorable factors, such as UV radiation;

How to use Carattia Serum?

Carattia Serum is recommended for use on the skin, with details on the chin, mouth and eye area, as well as the neck and décolleté.

Compared to creams, it has a more concentrated form and a higher content of active compounds. That is why it works more effectively, so the effects are noticeable faster. To be fully effective, you should follow a few simple guidelines – tips.

The serum is used on cleansed skin (e.g. for removing make-up). This is a necessary condition. The skin may be slightly damp, but not wet. Then less preparation will be used. The preparation is applied in a small amount and then spread with circular movements.

The serum can be used under cream or under makeup (never the other way around). You have to wait 10-15 minutes after applying the agent.

Carattia Serum can be used day or night. Can be used daily. The package contains 30 ml of serum.

The composition of Carattia Serum is responsible for high efficiency

  • Gold – 24-carat gold in micronized form was used in the serum. Nanoparticles deeply penetrate the skin, ensuring a deep and long-lasting effect. Gold is easily absorbed by the body and safe for all skin types. It affects the synthesis of collagen and indirectly improves hydration. It brightens the skin, improves its natural color and reduces the visibility of discoloration. It tightens the pores in the skin, prevents infections (antibacterial properties) and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, it removes free radicals, thus delaying the aging process and reducing the risk of cancer.
  • Renovage TM complex – is an innovative and exclusive component that includes caprylic acid and teprenone . The first ingredient is a mixture of fatty acids obtained from coconut oil. It has a detoxifying effect. It cleanses the skin, making it look attractive and healthy. It has the ability to retain water, thus delaying the aging process and slowing down the formation of wrinkles. It oils and smoothes the epidermis. Creates a protective layer on it. Caprylic acid is odorless and colorless. On the other hand, teprenone eliminates discoloration and soothes red spots that are associated, among others, with with dilating blood vessels and the formation of “spider veins” on the skin.
  • Witch hazel leaf hydrosol ( Hamamelis virginiana ) – has a number of beneficial properties for the body. It has antibacterial, astringent and anti-wrinkle properties. It prevents infections and irritation. It supports the fight against acne and adverse skin changes. Strengthens blood vessels. It improves blood circulation in the skin. Accelerates wound healing. It is a valuable antioxidant, i.e. it fights free radicals and delays the aging process. It prevents itching and burning of the skin. Witch hazel is also an attractive ornamental plant. Naturally occurring shrub in the USA and Canada, it has an unusual flowering period – it blooms in winter.
  • Vitamin E – it is called the “vitamin of youth” for a reason. Nourishes, regenerates and moisturizes the skin. It delays the aging process (it is a strong antioxidant). It helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Strengthens the walls of the capillaries . It works well in the care of all skin types, but is especially recommended for sensitive skin prone to irritation. Vitamin E has been used in cosmetics for over half a century. It also helps fight atopic dermatitis.
  • Hyaluronic acid – in practice, it is a polysaccharide in the form of a colorless liquid with a gel consistency. In Carattia Serum, she is responsible for maintaining proper skin hydration, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and weakening of firmness. It creates a protective layer on the skin that reduces water loss. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin, but over time its content decreases and the skin becomes flaccid and less elastic. The compound is widely used in cosmetology as well as in aesthetic medicine (for filling wrinkles).
  • Sodium salt of levulinic acid – stabilizes the pH and reduces the risk of bacterial infections. It shows high microbiological activity. It is a natural preservative used in high-quality cosmetics. The serum also contains levulinic acid. It is a preservative, but also an ingredient that has protective functions.

Opinions on the effectiveness of Carattia Serum

  • I look much younger! “I am so pleased with Carattia Serum. For several weeks, I have been using the serum daily on the face and neck skin. And I already noticed the effects! The wrinkles have decreased, especially around the mouth, and the skin is firmer and smoother. I also noticed that it took on a healthier color and a certain glow. No other cosmetic that I have used so far has provided such quick action. I look younger, even my husband noticed the difference! And when I look in the mirror, I immediately feel a surge of energy, as if I have actually lost those years. Therefore, I can confidently recommend it. “
  • The best serum“I use the serum because it works much better than creams or other cosmetics. In addition, I can use it under makeup. I have already used various products. By the elimination method, I finally found Carattia Serum. And I stayed with him. I am very pleased. The serum has an unusual, even innovative composition. The most important thing, however, is that it works as described by the manufacturer. I have noticed a reduction in wrinkles. My skin is prone to dryness and flaking. Now I have no problem with that. I look attractive and I feel this way! “
  • The wrinkles are visible to me“I thought there was no effective anti-wrinkle. I was wrong. I found Carattia Serum. I ordered it directly from the manufacturer. I have been using it regularly for a long time. I noticed that new wrinkles hardly appear and the depth of the “old” ones does not increase. On the contrary. The skin has gained such firmness and elasticity that wrinkles are less visible. He looks younger. My friends praise me that I have no more years. I recommended the serum to them, and they use it now.

Where to buy Carattia Serum? Our recommendation

Carattia Serum is a reputable top-shelf product. It contains an innovative formula composed of exclusive ingredients with versatile effects. This is one of the reasons why the cosmetic got cheaper and much weaker counterfeits. Therefore, it is recommended to buy it only from the manufacturer. Below is a direct link.

You have to avoid suspicious offers, e.g. on other websites and on social-media sites, which tempt with sensational prices, so as not to fall victim to fraud. Purchasing Carrattia Serum directly on the manufacturer ‘s official website is a guarantee of quality and safety of delivery.

Is Carattia Serum worth using? Our opinion

Carattia Serum received a high mark as a universal skin care product with the emphasis on combating wrinkles. Compared to competing products, it has a better, more precisely refined composition, and thus gives a faster and more thorough effect.

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