Oilidermis – opinion on skin care oil

oilidermis Oilidermis is a natural oil used for daily skin and hair care. It provides a number of benefits for maintaining your beauty.

How is it different from other products with a similar application? What are the “advantages”? We invite you to read the product review.

Skin aging – you can’t stop it, but you can slow it down

The aging of the skin with age is a natural process that affects both women and men. However, the fact is that women are more often judged in terms of appearance and attractiveness. That is why they take care of themselves, they feel the need and, in a way, the pressure. There is nothing wrong with that they want to be beautiful, for themselves and for others. On the contrary, such care is commendable.

Unfortunately, the condition of the skin is influenced not only by age, but also by many other factors, such as diet, lifestyle, hygiene, stimulants, air pollution, exposure to the sun or even wind.

Fortunately, you can use natural products, such as oils, that have a comprehensive effect on the skin, improving its health. Oilidermis more than fulfills such tasks.

Oilidermis is an oil that nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin. Regular use allows you to delay the aging process and even restores the lost beauty (to some extent). With it, you can keep the outer beauty longer.

What are the indications for the use of Oilidermis?

For obvious reasons, the oil is most often used by women, but there are no contraindications for caring for the skin also in men. In this regard, it has a flexible action. In particular, it is intended for people with mature, couperose and sensitive skin. It will also help people struggling with acne. It is useful for damaged hair that has lost its shine.

Oilidermis effects:

  • moisturizing, lubricating and nourishing the skin;
  • firming the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles;
  • protection of the skin against UV radiation and other harmful external factors;
  • eliminating discoloration, ” age spots ” and restoring the skin’s natural color;
  • neutralizing free radicals , which delays the aging process and at the same time reduces the risk of cancer;
  • combating lichen, eczema and atopic dermatitis;
  • supporting the fight against acne;
  • alleviation of various dermatological diseases;
  • acceleration of the wound healing process;
  • improvement of hair condition (Oilidermis can be used as a conditioner);

Composition Oilidermis – natural oils in the service of beauty

  • Squalane – is a natural component of the human sedum. It creates the lipid coat of our skin. The squalane content naturally decreases with age, which has a negative effect on the appearance and health of the skin. Therefore, for the sake of beauty, it should be supplied to the body from “outside”. It is a component that softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It gives the best results in the case of mature, allergic skin prone to oily. It has been used as an emollient since the 1950s. It has the form of a colorless, odorless oil.
  • Hemp oil ( Cannabis sativa ) – includes source of omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which constitute up to 80% of the content. Moreover, it is rich in vitamins (A, group B, E, K), phytosterols, phospholipids and mineral salts (calcium, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium). It shows a number of healing properties for the body. Applied externally (e.g. in Oilidermis), it strengthens the natural resistance of the skin to mechanical abrasions, light, strong and drying wind and extreme temperatures. It is an effective emollient. It nourishes the skin, soothes irritations and fights inflammation. It improves its color and regulates the secretion of sebum, which supports the treatment of acne skin lesions. When applied to the scalp, it accelerates hair growth and gives it shine. The oil is cold pressed from the hemp seeds.
  • Black cumin oil ( Nigella sativa ) – has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, a significant part of which are polyunsaturated acids (omega-3 and omega-6). It also contains essential oils, vitamin A, B vitamins, flavonoids , saponins and mineral salts (magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, copper, selenium). An important compound is thymoquinone with antiallergic properties (it is also important for the skin). In total, black cumin seeds contain about 100 active substances. Black cumin oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails. It reduces skin irritation, helps with acne, mycoses and eczema. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Supports the treatment of atopic dermatitis (AD). Thanks to the use of black cumin oil, the skin is more elastic, smoother and more pleasant to the touch.
  • Coconut oil ( Cocos nucifera ) – is obtained from the flesh of coconut fruit. It creates an occlusive layer on the skin that is imperceptible and does not reduce comfort, but reduces water loss. As a result, the skin does not dry out. Coconut oil is recommended for dry and dehydrated skin. It protects the skin against UV radiation and has the same effect as creams with SPF 10 filter.
  • Additionally, Oilidermis contains sunflower seed oil, borage oil, macadamia nut oil , rosemary leaf oil and Siberian fir oil. They are complemented by extracts from medicinal and cosmetic plants: greater burdock , oats , warty birch , marigold , Asiatic centipede , Indian mulberry , patchy resistor and Tahitian gardenia .

How to use Oilidermis?

The oil is widely used in skin and hair care. It can be used in two ways:

  1. Skin and skin care – a thin layer of oil (just a few drops is enough) is applied to the skin and rubbed in thoroughly with circular movements. Thanks to this, it soaks more effectively. Similarly, it is used when applied to the face. Additionally, the oil can be mixed with face creams.
  2. Hair care – the oil is applied to the hair along its entire length, paying particular attention to the ends. Oilidermis is used as a hair conditioner 1-2 times a week, preferably 10 minutes before washing.

The product is intended for external use only. It is recommended to use it once a day. Store it in a dry place out of the reach of children.

Reviews about Oilidermis

  • My skin is smooth, firm and elastic“Every woman has her own experience with cosmetics. Some are better, some are worse, others should be banned altogether. It was similar with me. Over the years, I have “processed” a huge number of various preparations that allegedly had miraculous powers, nourished the skin and eliminated wrinkles. The vast majority did not act as announced by the manufacturer, even to a small extent. I have been using Oilidermis for some time now and I do not plan any changes. It is an exception and a gem among body oils. I noticed that after a few days of use, my skin feels more pleasant to the touch. With regular application, it regained its color, it is smooth, firm and elastic. I pulled back my “counter” by at least a few years.
  • Double effect! “I came across Oilidermis by accident when I was looking for an effective skin care oil. I chose it because of the rich composition. And natural ingredients. I was not wrong. It makes me look younger. I have noticed that the wrinkles are less visible and my skin has become smooth. Discoloration and skin irritation have disappeared. Even the scar on my arm grew thinner and less noticeable (I tried out of curiosity). Additionally, I apply the oil to my hair. They regained their glow. Oilidermis has a double effect! I heartily recommend! “
  • No more shame“I use Oilidermis every day and I have beautiful, smooth skin. I praise him because he helped me regain a healthy complexion when even specialized measures failed. I had acne and nothing really worked. Only the use of the oil helped to combat this problem. Acne became less visible at first, then it completely disappeared. In places where the skin was damaged, there was not even a trace of minor scars. I used to be ashamed of my appearance, now my complexion is an asset. I regained my self-confidence and joy of life. “

Where to buy Oilidermis? Our recommendation

Oilidermis is a high-quality oil with a varied composition that gives a quick and multi-track effect. That is why there are cheaper and less effective counterfeits.

So in order to be sure of buying the original product, it is recommended to use direct sources and order from the manufacturer on the official website . This guarantees that you will get real Oilidermis, fully effective.

However, you should avoid sensational offers and suspiciously low prices, e.g. those offered on social media channels. The price suggested by the manufacturer is still very attractive for a product of this class.

Is Oilidermis really worth using? Our opinion

Oilidermis is an oil that, compared to other products, is distinguished by its rich composition, production technology and effectiveness. It is worth using it regularly for skin and hair care. Thanks to carefully selected oils and plant extracts, it shows a number of properties that allow you to take care of the appearance.

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