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magic rec mirror Is it possible to increase your safety while driving the car or when leaving it in public parking lots? It turns out that a great choice is to buy a car camera with parking mode , which allows you to record high-definition video, both while driving and stationary. Such videos are valuable evidence during a breakdown or a car accident, as well as damage to the car when parked in the street or in a public parking lot. The device developed and recommended by the Institute of Automotive Technology is Magic Rec Mirror .

Why choose a Magic Rec Mirror car camera?

When choosing a driving recorder, it is worth choosing devices that are equipped with an automatic parking mode function that allows you to record events also when the car is stationary. The Magic Rec Mirror recorder is an effective car camera. The device allows you to manage your work automatically, it is able to detect whether the car is parked or moving and automatically select the recommended operating mode. The car is protected and monitored around the clock.

How does a car camera work?

The Magic Rec Mirror image recorder is a solution developed by the National Institute of Automotive Technology, which allows you to record video both while driving and when standing still. The image is recorded in high resolution and allows to protect the car driver from lawlessness for 24 hours. By using the Magic Rec Mirror car camera you can gain an advantage over the person responsible for the crashes. The video recording allows you to prove without any doubts whose fault it is during the accident, when each side represents a different version of the events. It will also make it easier for you to fight your insurer, if, for example, he refuses to pay your compensation. Many people on the roads try to accuse the other party during a crash in order to obtain compensation illegally. The Magic Rec Mirror video recorder protects you even when your car is damaged by an unknown perpetrator while parked in a parking lot.

Advantages of using a car camera:

  • sense of security behind the wheel
  • saving money that can be lost on-court battles and payment of compensation
  • no nerves to prove your innocence in a crash or car accident
  • protection against road abuse

How to install a car camera with parking mode?

For the device to work properly, it is very important to install it correctly in the vehicle. Each video recorder with the parking function requires a permanent connection to the power supply. Thanks to this, even after turning off the engine, the device will constantly monitor the vehicle. Depending on your preferences, you can use two solutions. The first is to connect the dash cam to a dedicated power adapter . It is the most popular, also because it is the cheapest way to supply a constant power supply to the recorder. Its disadvantage is the load on the car battery when the car is parked with the ignition off. That is why many people go for a slightly more expensive, but more effective solution, which is connecting a car camera to a dedicated powerbank . The car power bank ensures operation of the recorder when parked, but does not burden the battery.

Magic Rec Mirror – customer reviews:

  • A scare for vandals!I don’t have a garage, so I leave my car in the parking space next to the block. One morning I go outside the block and see that my car and a few next to it are scratched and their mirrors are broken. I got very nervous, but remembered that I had a Magic Rec Mirror device installed, which also records at night. I played the video, which was very clear, and saw that the damage was done by the drunken son of a neighbor. Thanks to this, each of the injured people received compensation, and I became the heroine of the estate. I am glad the most about the fact that I did not have to cover the cost of the repair from my own wallet! – Ola, 36 years old
  • Necessary in every carI have suffered an unpleasant bump in the past, and unfortunately I had to cover all the costs because I could not prove that it was not and that’s my fault. After this unpleasant incident, I bought a Magic Rec Mirror. Fate wanted that after a few months someone ran into me again, going backwards. Thanks to the recording, I was able to prove without any doubts who had driven into whom and I did not incur any costs from the insurer. – Jan, 53 years old

Where can you buy Magic Rec Mirror?

The kit can be ordered on the official distributor’s website. You cannot buy Magic Rec Mirror in stores, on ebay or on amazon. The manufacturer decided to limit the sale due to the fact that many fakes of the product appeared on the Internet. Each device is functional and tested. By ordering a product from a certain source, each buyer will receive a guarantee of authenticity and the necessary certificates. The package will be delivered in a few days via post or courier, without any additional costs. Moreover, by joining the club of the National Institute of Automotive Technology, you can get a high discount, up to 50% cheaper . Click on the link below and check the current discounts.

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