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How to regain full control of the bladder in just 3 days and force the body to fight? Providing a decent, comfortable life is at your fingertips. All you have to do is diagnose your symptoms as soon as possible and choose the right treatment to suit your needs.

Sevinal Opti is a capsule designed for people who have problems with incontinence. It is a dietary supplement that will allow you to restore your sense of comfort by depriving you of bladder problems within 3 days.

Already in the first three hours after starting the release of active ingredients, Sevinal Opti removes the main causes of urinary incontinence: weakened uterine fundus, sudden abdominal cramps and the first degree of inflammation in the stomach area.

Sevinal Opti – what it is and how it works

This dietary supplement is the expression of an innovative form of treatment, condensed in the form of capsules. Their bioenergetic composition consists of extracts of natural origin.

Thanks to ecological sources of extraction, Sevinal Opti is perfectly soluble, which affects the almost complete assimilation of active ingredients of the product.

Sevinal Opti – for whom?

Sevinal Opti capsules are intended for people who have problems with incontinence and bladder pain. Therapy of these conditions or change of therapy can minimize or eliminate the problem of urinary incontinence.

Sevinal Opti is intended for use in cases of:

  • Feeling pain while urinating,
  • Persistent urinary incontinence,
  • In the case of prostatic hypertrophy – in men,
  • Continuous feeling of pressure on the bladder,
  • Frequent need to go to the toilet,
  • Problems with passing urine,

Sevinal Opti – a supplement that will help solve bladder problems

sevinal opti Sevinal Opti, as a dietary supplement, can not completely eliminate the problem. For the therapy to be effective, other rules should also be followed. The most important of these is the so-called “Bladder training”, which consists of two elements: urinating at regular intervals during the day, as well as attempts to regulate visits to the toilet.

If you go to the toilet every 20-30 minutes, try to postpone this to 45 minutes. Initially, it will be difficult, but it will be carried out systematically, will bring the desired results.

When you feel a strong urge to urinate, try standing in a place with a weight or not to lose weight, and also to train your pelvic floor muscles. The task of this exercise is to extend the time between passing urine.

Incorrect use may result in Sevinal Opti increasing the frequency of urination.

Contraindications in the use of Sevinal Opti

Avoid medications that stimulate urine output (diuretics) while you are unable to use the toilet, as well as high blood sugar levels that cause increased kidney production and excretion. Adjusting blood sugar levels can minimize urine formation.

Overweight and obesity are also a proven cause of increased need for urinary excretion. Proper treatment will make these problems disappear, but there are also factors that only increase it, such as the consumption of certain foods, as well as beverages, high levels of caffeine, alcohol, fast food, sour dishes, artificial sweeteners.

Sevinal Opti is not intended for pregnant or lactating women. In case of sensitivity or allergy to any of the ingredients, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Unique components of Sevinal Opti capsules

Safety and natural ingredients are the key idea of the Sevinal Opti dietary supplement manufacturers. The selected composition of the supplement enclosed in each capsule, will allow to get rid of bladder problems in a really short time. This successful recipe has gained its popularity thanks to five key ingredients:

  • Pumpkin extract – contains a lot of phytosterols. Phytosterols cause maximally increased urine flow and its production in the kidneys, thus reducing its amount remaining in the bladder,
  • wild rose – an excellent wealth of vitamin C. It greatly reduces inflammation of the urinary tract. Creates a protective barrier demonstrating antibacterial activity,
  • Peruvian peppercorns – used in continuation after urological procedures. Supports the functioning of the prostate.
  • Quilted palate – has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It improves the pressure of the immune system.
  • a complex of vitamins from group B (complex B) – that is, popular B1, B2. B6, B12, which facilitate the transport of oxygen to muscles circulating in the urinary tract. Vitamins from group B strengthen and disinfect them, resulting in a return to the natural mechanisms of the body.

Sevinal Opti – how to use?

The full time needed for permanent and natural bladder treatment lasts about 62 days. This is the recommended time of supplementation regardless of the degree of discomfort. After this time, 100% of incontinence cases are neutralized.

Application Sevinal Opti is based primarily on consistency. Apply 1 capsule daily about 30 minutes before your chosen meal. Try to stick to the fixed seasons of taking the supplement. Take each ingested capsule with one glass of lukewarm water (200 ml).

Doubling or multiplying the recommended daily intake (1 capsule) will not bring faster results. Excess ingredients will be expelled during the next visit to the toilet. The effectiveness of the product is based on the gradual release of the active formula within 24 hours.

The effects of using Sevinal Opti

Regardless of age, incontinence can surprise you at any time. The sooner the symptoms of ailments are recognized, the faster the opportunity to return to balance. Only a full treatment with a dietary supplement will ensure the desired result:

  1. the first effects can be seen in just 3 hours after taking the first capsule. Already at this point you will start to have more control over the bladder.
  2. after less than a week, the right uterine fundus will return and all daily activities will not be such a problem anymore. Full harmony will be restored. Absolutely effortless, the body automatically protects against uncontrolled leakage of urine.
  3. in the second week of use, up to 93% less frequent visits to the toilet are observed,
  4. 3 weeks of using a dietary supplement – reducing the bladder sensitivity and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles,

After completing the first supplementation package, the process of combating the ailments will be completed in 100%. Also use Sevinal Opti prophylactically to avoid the unwanted yo-yo effect.

Opinions on the Sevinal Opti dietary supplement

Nothing affects the brand name of the product or its credible recommendations, such as reputation among users. In most cases, the opinions of people struggling with similar ailments are important, which is why the name Sevinal Opti has become a synonym for effective control of urinary incontinence in such a short time. Meet several user reviews:

  • “Problems with leakage began quite quickly: I was only 21 when I began to notice quite large spots, for example on gray trousers. At the beginning I ignored this and did not let myself think that I could have such problems !!! A year passed, then another … the problem grew and became more and more annoying. I noticed that during a stronger sneeze (I am allergic to dust) I happen to let go. Going to the doctor was like a sentence for me. I was recommended Sevinal Opti. The problem disappeared in 14 days! “Patrycja, 43 years old
  • “I overcame my embarrassing problem in just 3 weeks, despite my age, I feel like a liberated woman, I did not think that a woman in her forties could feel so humiliated … As it turns out, the problem is not small. I’ve been talking to friends about this for many years. It turns out that they suffer from incontinence for a long time – in some people the problem is negligible. It’s nothing cool – constant control of the mechanical dysfunctions of the body. Especially for one of my close friends who is a teacher! Fortunately, she was quickly convinced of the rapid treatment with the Sevinal Opti supplement. Now, with a smile, we remember old problems “Agnieszka, 62 years old .

What is the guarantee of the effectiveness of Sevinal Opti?

Three factors affect the effectiveness of the product. The first is quality confirmed clinically. The second element is the positive results of laboratory tests in the control group, in comparison with the group of people taking placebo, and the third one is the opinions on people using the placebo group.

Sevinal Opti has a unique 100% quality confirmation for all of them. In addition, it is a unique product with a strictly developed recipe.

This precise bio-stimulating formula permanently improves bladder muscles, restoring natural control over the body, reduces the physiological causes of urinary incontinence to zero. This unique, near-natural process has not been met in any of the products available on the market.

Is Sevinal Opti really effective? Our opinion

The problem of incontinence has been an unresolved ailment for decades. Because of the embarrassment that is associated with the problem, it’s easy to rely on catchy advertising texts and follow what they advertise on television. Sevinal Opti is a completely different form of the product. Do not use intrusive ads or attacks by pseudo-specialists convincing you to buy a product.

Sevinal Opti is a stimulating formula that is a clinically proven and effective way to overcome the problem completely. It is a natural precursor to the strengthening of the urinary tract. The demonstrated effect of active ingredients occurs only 3 hours after the first dose, and long-term effectiveness is confirmed by the effects of customers from all over Europe.

The Sevinal Opti formula is based exclusively on natural biological substrates. All contained active ingredients have the highest quality, which is confirmed by clinical studies. Independent clinical tests positively evaluated the stimulating Sevinal Opti process. This method can completely eliminate the problem of urinary incontinence regardless of sex, age, causes and length of symptoms.

Where to buy Sevinal Opti? Our recommendation

Sevinal Opti capsules have been recently introduced on the market. Guarantee of the product’s effectiveness is obtained only for the product ordered from the official distributor in our country.

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