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ariavin The current lifestyle, filled with constant stress, a diet poor in nutrients, and the lack of regular physical activity, strongly affects our locomotor system. Ariavin, which draws on thousands of years of experience in natural medicine, may prove to be a suitable support for bones and joints. Our review will verify how this remedy works and whether it is really worth buying if we experience joint or bone ailments.

Ariavin – support for bones and joints flowing from nature

In the maze of wonderful supplements and capsules, it is very difficult to choose a good preparation that contains high-quality active ingredients in appropriately selected proportions.

Ariavin is a natural preparation based on traditional recipes, using concentrated plant extracts obtained through modern extraction methods. Its core ingredient is Macy’s powdered root, which strengthens bones, muscles and joints due to its high content of amino acids and fatty acids.

  • Targeted action on joint pain and degenerative diseases

Scientific research conducted by, among others K. Mehta and J. Gala show that this Andean plant ingredient is effective in reducing stiffness and pain, not only in the case of inflammation, but even in the severe symptoms associated with osteoarthritis.

  • Protection against osteoporosis and cartilage / bone loss

Maca extract contains anti-osteoporotic substances, incl. N-benzyl-palmitamide, which act towards estrogen receptors and thus strengthen the bones and maintain the normal activity of osteoblasts (bone-forming cells).

Ariavin capsules – what are the indications for use?

The preparation was created primarily for people aged 20 to 85 who suffer from bone and joint ailments, such as:

  • hip pain;
  • knee joint pain;
  • backaches;
  • elbow pain;
  • muscle inflammation;
  • arthritis.

How does Ariavin work?

The capsules are distinguished by a comprehensive action that supports joints and bones and prevents unpleasant ailments. On the one hand, Ariavin tablets eliminate inflammation, fight pain, but on the other hand, they also allow you to accelerate the regeneration and strengthening of tissues after injuries. Regular use of the supplement allows you to regain the former mobility in a faster time compared to other measures.

3 phases of action = maximum effect

  1. initial phase – the first days of using Ariavin allow, first of all, to reduce inflammation and severe pain, muscle relaxation and reduction of joint stiffness are noticeable.
  2. main phase – there is a dominant fight with pain, after its elimination, the regeneration stage begins, and the cartilage and bone tissue strengthen.
  3. stabilizing phase – the body regains its former balance in order to be able to maintain the obtained results and prevent the recurrence of unpleasant ailments / inflammations.

Ariavin ingredients – what ingredients does the preparation contain?

  • Maca root extract (Latin Lepidium Meyenii)

Maca is a bulbous plant, resembling a radish, that has been grown in the Peruvian Andes mountains at an altitude of approx. 4000 m above sea level for over 2000 years. Its root can be as long as 15 cm and, depending on the variety, is yellow, red or black.

Currently, Maca belongs to the group of the so-called superfoods, but its amazing properties were discovered many years ago, hence the powdered maca root takes an important place in traditional Peruvian medicine. Former “healers” recommended its consumption to strengthen the body and physical efficiency, add vigor, but above all as a natural substance enhancing fertility, male libido and sexual endurance. The content of vitamins A and E in the extract used in Ariavin tablets is very concentrated – over 300 times higher than in the extract obtained with classical methods.

  • Horsetail extract

Field horsetail is a field herb whose valuable properties have already been appreciated by our great-grandmothers, who drank the infusion of its leaves to strengthen hair and nails. Horsetail is a valuable source of silicic acid which strengthens bones. Silicon is also a building block of connective tissue, thanks to which horsetail supplementation provides the minerals necessary to keep joints in good condition. Horsetail also has a diuretic effect – it allows you to get rid of excess fluid from the body, which allows you to alleviate the discomfort associated with inflammation of the joints.

  • Viola tricolor extract (Latin Viola Tricolor)

This flower is popularly called pansy, it grows on the meadows and hills of Asia and Europe. It contains many biologically active substances, it is used as the basic ingredient of virtually every herbal detox. Its action supports the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms and protects tissues against oxidative stress. It has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect – it allows you to keep the joints in perfect condition.

  • Nettle extract (Latin Urtica dioica L.)

The plant is underestimated by many and treated as a weed. Specialists in the field of herbal medicine very often consider nettle to be a natural antibiotic! It contains a real wealth of substances that strengthen the body: macro- and microelements, vitamins (A, K, B2, B5, C), organic acids, phytosterols, chlorophyll, mineral salts and many others.

The action of nettle helps to fight pain in joints, bones and gout. Its diuretic properties accelerate the removal of excess uric acid and cleanse the periarticular tissue of its deposits. Nettle also works to relieve pain, as scientists from Plymouth University have proven. In their study, they gave nettle to 18 people suffering from severe pain in joints, bones and tendinitis. A natural panacea allowed to alleviate the pain and relieve the examined group of people, many of them even considered themselves healed.

  • Dandelion extract (Latin Taraxum Officinale)

This herb is also known as common dandelion, dandelion and dandelion. It has very strong detoxifying and cleansing properties. Forms complexes with harmful metabolic products (metabolites), thanks to which they are effectively removed from the body. It also speeds up the elimination of edema, so its use is recommended in inflammation, rheumatism or gout.

Ariavin contains the most precious gifts of nature, designed to maintain the health of joints and bones. In addition to the above-mentioned substances, its composition also includes: lemon balm extract and a vitamin complex (including vitamin A, C or E).

How should Ariavin tablets be used? – recommended dosage

The recommended dosage is 2 tablets a day, taken according to the following schedule:

  • 1 tablet approx. 30 minutes before breakfast
  • 1 tablet approx. 30 minutes before dinner

The capsules should be taken before a meal with plenty of water. The given dosage method maximizes the effect of the preparation. In addition, it is worth following a wholesome diet and practicing moderate physical activity (recommended exercises to strengthen the joints). The recommended dose of Ariavin must not be increased by yourself. The supplement cannot be a substitute for a varied diet.

The preparation should be stored in a dry, dark place inaccessible to children.

What are the contraindications to the use of Ariavin?

Ariavin is a safe product, but it cannot be used by people who are allergic to any of the ingredients in the pill, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women. If in doubt, carefully read the package leaflet before use.

Opinions about Ariavin – effects, first impression, effectiveness

  • Maria, 53 years old – “I recommend it to every senior citizen” – “After turning 50, I started to suffer from back pains and stiff joints. The worst thing was bending down because it started to restrict me in my housework. It all had a negative impact on my well-being because I felt old and dependent on others. When my son saw my health deteriorate overnight, he became very concerned about my condition. After a few days, he came to me and gave me Ariavin. I am not a supporter of such measures, but I was convinced by its composition, because it contains only natural plant extracts. I started using the preparation and I must admit that after a few days I felt a general strengthening of the body and the pain became milder. I felt that I was regaining my former fitness. After 10 days, I was able to perform all the movements without any problems and I even decided to do some gentle physical exercises to maximize the effect of the preparation even more. I recommend Ariavin to all seniors!
  • Jakub, 36 years old – “Irreplaceable after an injury” – I live actively and I love sports, unfortunately I had an unpleasant injury. I was afraid of long rehabilitation and pain. A physiotherapist friend of mine recommended me Ariavin to reduce pain and speed up the regeneration of joints and bones. I must admit that I quickly returned to my full form, so I can recommend it with a pure heart.

Where to buy Ariavin? Pharmacy or the Internet?

Although the preparation has recently been on the market, many counterfeits have already appeared, so we do not recommend purchasing the supplement from auctions, social networks or herbalists. The original capsules can only be purchased on the manufacturer’s official website.

Our editorial staff managed to contact the official distributor , thanks to which people who buy Ariavin via the link below will not only receive a guarantee of purchasing the original product, but also an additional discount!

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