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alpha lingmind When we live in the present day, when we see national borders becoming more and more blurred and society becoming global, knowing at least one foreign language seems to be mandatory. Unfortunately, not all of us were born with a talent for acquiring foreign words and grammar.

Even if we managed to pass school in a foreign language, at some point we can come to the conclusion that mastering even the knowledge of English is necessary for us – to get to the dream studies, get a dream job or go abroad .

The rescue in this situation is the innovative method of learning English – Binaural System , intended for people who have problems with acquiring a foreign language or need to learn it in a very short time, e.g. before going abroad to study or work. The only course on the market that uses this learning method is the Alpha Lingmind course.

Alpha Lingmind – science based on the synchronous beating method

Let’s start by explaining what binaural beats are all about. It is a type of sounds, even low-frequency music, which, using the specific structure of the hearing organ, is able to introduce the recipient into various states of consciousness – from trance to lucid dreaming. This phenomenon allows the brain to be programmed with sounds! How it’s possible? Well, because the brain, depending on the state of consciousness, shows different activity, which is expressed in the range of EEG waves:

  • sleep – 0.5 to 4 Hz -> delta waves
  • state of hypnosis, meditation – 4 to 8 Hz -> theta waves
  • mental work, learning – from 13 to 30 Hz -> beta waves
  • high mental activity, state of concentration, problem solving – over 40 Hz -> gamma waves

Providing the hearing organ with sounds at specific frequencies is able to program it for the desired activity, e.g. increased concentration and transition into a state of intensive learning.

Alpha Lingmind language course – how does it work?

The product consists of a book – Language Power Book and a set of 3 CDs. A single course contains 36 thematic lessons on various life situations, each lesson lasts approx. 25 minutes and consists of 3 phases (1,300 sentences, over 20,000 words). The total duration of the course is approx. 3 months.


The initial stage of the lesson is 5 minutes and consists of listening to synchronous beats of a certain frequency in combination with relaxing music. As a result, the person is brought into a deep state of relaxation and concentration. Each CD contains different “binaural beats”.


The main stage of the course, the main goal of which is to put the brain into a state of maximum memory and learning capacity by receiving binaural beats of a specific frequency. During this part of the lesson, the teacher reads the dialogues in the form of questions and answers, which the learner must then repeat in a specific order:

CD No. 1 (lessons 1 to 12) sequence repeated twice in the sequence:

  • The lector says the question
  • The student repeats the question
  • The teacher gives the answer
  • The student repeats the answer

The aim of the lessons on CD No. 1 is to familiarize the student with a foreign language and to develop the ability to repeat words in English with the correct accent and pronunciation. In the course of the next lessons, the sequence of repeating dialogues will change as the learner’s language competences increase.

CD No. 2 (lessons 1 to 12) sequence in order:

  • The lector says the question
  • The student repeats the question twice
  • The teacher gives the answer
  • The student repeats the answer twice

During the lesson from the second CD, the student develops the ability to express himself / herself in a foreign language, therefore he repeats his questions and answers twice.

CD no.3 (lessons 1 to 6) sequence in order:

  • The tutor says the question and gives the answer
  • The teacher asks the question again
  • The student gives the answer

CD no.3 (lessons 7 to 12) sequence in order:

  • The teacher asks the questions and gives the answer
  • The student asks a question
  • The teacher answers

In the last stage of the course, the student is able to initiate dialogues himself, therefore the repeated sequence changes. After completing all 36 lessons, the student is able to use the foreign language freely.


The final stage, which lasts only 5 minutes, is designed to shift the brain phase from learning to consolidating the acquired knowledge.alpha lingmind

Alpha Lingmind – scope and subject matter of the course

Vocabulary range – CD No. 1

  • Introductions, courtesies, greetings, goodbyes;
  • Hobby;
  • Responsibilities, day planning, daily activities;
  • Family, describing relationships;
  • Professions, job interview;
  • Character traits, feelings;
  • Describing appearance, clothes, colors;
  • At home;
  • In the store – types of stores, popular phrases.

Vocabulary range – CD No. 2

  • The ability to ask for directions, describe places, directions of the world;
  • Communication, travel;
  • Visit to the doctor, health;
  • At the airport and on the plane – passport control;
  • At the office (post office, bank);
  • Holidays, booking a trip, phrases useful at the hotel
  • In the theatre;
  • Birthday party;
  • Holidays (Christmas, Easter).

Vocabulary range – CD No. 3

  • Conversations about the weather, seasons;
  • Plants, vegetables and fruits;
  • Animals’ world;
  • In the restaurant and cafe;
  • Tourism;
  • Culture (visit to the museum, cinema);
  • Flat;
  • At the hairdresser and other services;
  • Random situations – fire, accident.

What is the Alpha Lingmind course?

The course price includes the following components:

  • 3 CDs, each CD contains 12 lessons in the form of mp3 recordings;
  • Language Power Book – a book in A5 format, 48 pages – contains exercises in English divided into thematic blocks, which supplement the dialogues and allow to consolidate knowledge;
  • 3 sets of knowledge compendium in pdf format.

The compendium contains a detailed description of the English Binaural System method, instructions for the course, translations and scripts of dialogues from CDs. For CD No. 1, the compendium has 83 pages, for CD No. 2 84 pages respectively and 100 pages for CD No. 3.

Alpha Lingmind – opinions of students

  • A way to learn effectively – Throughout my life I had problems with learning foreign languages and I could not remember even the simplest words. I tried to force myself and somehow managed to pass foreign languages at school. I thought my English nightmare was over. Unfortunately, it turned out that I need the knowledge of English at work. I spent a lot of money on tutoring and language courses, but I was not satisfied with the results. Only the Alpha Lingmind course allowed me to learn effectively and master English enough to be able to cope at work. I recommend!Witold, 33 years old
  • Why is this method so little known? – I have not heard about the method of learning foreign languages with the use of binaural beats. The opinions of people who mastered the English language in a few weeks convinced me to buy the Alpha Lingmind course. Short lessons of 25 minutes were enough, because my brain practically absorbed all the knowledge! After completing the course, I am able to communicate freely in English. I am shocked why this method is not used in schools! – Małgorzata, 38 years old

Where to buy an Alpha Lingmind course? Our opinion

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