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A healthy and beautiful body is one of everyone’s dreams. It is worth taking care of yourself and every day devote at least a dozen or so minutes so that your appearance will make you smile on your face, not sigh embarrassment.

New clothes, hair styling are able to immediately improve the well-being, but really amazing effects – increased self-confidence, better health, long-term satisfaction, I give a healthy and beautiful body. Everything you do for yourself shows how you approach yourself and what you do for yourself to live life the way you want. And it’s on your own terms.

A number of benefits are associated with a healthy body, such as improved well-being, better test results, self-satisfaction, and improved interpersonal relationships. It can be achieved now! Meet Formatic Form.

What is Formatic Form?

This is a completely innovative and breakthrough device on the Polish market that emits electromagnetic waves EMS. It works by transmitting electromagnetic pulses on the surface of the skin. This leads to nerve stimulation that affects the muscles – contraction and relaxation. EMS neuromuscular electrical stimulation, which is the main type of Formatic Form stimulation, simply forces muscle work.

formatic form The muscle is then mobilized to undertake work and depending on the type of stimulation, it leads to its expansion, strengthening or relaxation.

This method is often used as a regeneration during post-traumatic rehabilitation, but also as a supplement, ie a specific support for sports training, during warm-up, strength, endurance and speed exercises. It shows the wide possibilities of using the device and shows its versatility in everyday functioning.

As the muscle does not distinguish the pulse from the brain from the pulse from Formatic Form, it takes specific actions, which allows you to get selected muscle effects, as if you were doing advanced sports training, while not feeling much fatigue or other ailments associated with excessive exercise.

What does Formatic Form do?

The great advantage of EMS, which is the main type of Formatic Form stimulation, is to help with regeneration during some sports injuries. This leads to stimulation of the development of muscle tissue or inhibition of its disappearance. Thus, the athlete can quickly return to the effort he made earlier, and the time related to the possibility of participating in competitions is significantly shortened.

EMS stimulation is often used during warm-up or just after a grueling workout. EMS leads to muscle strengthening and also increases their metabolism before warming up.

But Formatic Form is also a great device every day, for sore or strained muscles, to emphasize the muscles of the arms or the abdomen.

It also works well as strengthening the firmness of thighs and buttocks, and even when there is cellulite or stretch marks. The problem of cellulite, the so-called orange peel, affects up to 98% of women in the world. Even celebrities have it, and cellulite is considered a flaw that should be eliminated, and if not eliminated, then work on it, which is why tens of thousands of women fight with it.

The introduction of changes in diet and daily lifestyle, as well as the use of Formatic Form, allows to achieve effects in the fight against cellulite and to reduce the visible swellings that have been placed under the skin.

Formatic Form is also recommended during overweight and obesity. According to current research, overweight or obesity currently measures 64% of men and almost 50% of women in Poland. Use Formatic Form also during abnormal metabolism or fat deposits.

What does the Formatic Form set contain?

The device as the content of a small / weak package contains in the set 1 a stimulation device, 1 a large self-adhesive pad (electrode).

The device as a content of a large / strong package contains in the set 3 stimulating devices, 3 self-adhesive caps.

How to correctly use Formatic Form?

Using Formatic Form is very simple and it takes less than a minute to learn. After removing the device from the packaging, remove the protective washer from the electrode. Then place the gel electrode in the areas indicated on the body.

Remember to clean the area of the body on which you want to use the electrodes.

Then attach the electrode to the body. Put a large overlay on the larger part of the body like the abdomen, back, chest and smaller overlays on the shoulders, thighs, buttocks, biceps.

Then use the “ON / INC” button, it will turn on the power by setting the lowest power. Then select the mode by pressing the “PROGRAM” button. The intensity of the device’s operation will be changed after using the “ON / INC” button several times, which will increase the power of interaction, while the “OFF / DEC” button will reduce the impact.

After use, press the “OFF / DEC” button and wait for the lamp to turn off. Then enjoy the effects that you have achieved with Formatic Form.

Who is Formatic Form recommended for?

Electrostimulation has been used in sports and physiotherapy for many years. Through my action, I imitate muscle work as during normal training. Formatic Form is recommended for all those who want to strengthen muscles, electrostimulation EMS counteracts muscular atrophy, while supporting their restoration and relaxation.

Use Formatic Form during the warm-up or just after taking a grueling workout. But also during everyday activities, when you have aching or tense muscles or do you want to sculpt the body more, and also when you are struggling with cellulite and stretch marks.

What are the effects of Formatic Form?

During training and every day: the effect after using the Formatic Form is close to what can be worked out during gym exercises. According to research, 45 minutes of the procedure is 7 hours of training. At the same time, you forget about injuries, fatigue or overload.

In addition, electrostimulation leads to accelerated fat burning, improved blood flow towards the muscles, and quickly firms, relaxes and stimulates.

The most interesting effect of electrostimulation is the combination of a short treatment time when obtaining extremely fast effects. It does not require hard work, so you do not have to worry about heavy injuries or overloading.

During the electrostimulation, as many as 8 muscle groups are involved, even those deeper inside the body are stimulated.

Precautions when using Formatic Form

To enjoy the effects of Formatic Form, it is also necessary to take certain precautions. First of all, do not stick the electrode to the body when the power is on. It can lead to a painful shock.

At the same time, you should not touch Formatic Form from the side that is intended to stick it to the body. Such touching, especially frequent, contributes to the decrease of the device’s lifespan and the effects it brings.

Formatic Form can not be used too often, for an indefinite or a very long time in one day. It is enough 2-3 times a day for 12-15 minutes. Due to the low frequency waves they use, prolonged use is not recommended and may lead to excessive fatigue.

The most recommended is the use of Formatic Form after a bath or a warm shower, it is strongly discouraged to use after dinner.

Contraindications to the use of Formatic Form

Although Formatic Form seems to be applicable to all and regardless of everything, this is not entirely true. There are a few exceptions when using it is not a good idea and you should beware of it.

First of all, it is not advisable to use Formatic Form for pregnant women. At the same time, the manufacturer does not recommend it to people who have an implanted pacemaker, an artificial heart, an electrocardiograph. It is clear that Formatic Form should not be used by people who, for the sake of their health or life, use elements implanted in the body and sending electromagnetic pulses. Formatic Form could disturb their functioning, therefore it is not advisable to take such a risk. In case of doubt, it is best to consult your family doctor.

Opinions about the effectiveness of Formatic Form

Formatic Form collects very good feedback from users who have already had the opportunity to read and use them. It is very important to familiarize yourself with them if you plan to buy the device, because opinions help you make decisions.

Most users, both women and men, emphasize their satisfaction with using the device, stating that it is what they have been waiting for. It stimulates the muscles, gives the effect the same, as if the body was intensively massaging. They point out that it is a good alternative to massages, which are not always available every day.

In addition, muscle stimulation allows you to exercise for a much longer period of time than at the gym, as well as being an alternative to people who do not follow exercise. This is particularly emphasized by overworked users, as well as those who often get up for action, regular exercises and massages.

Formatic Form effectively supports even minimal physical activity. Satisfied customers emphasize that they feel that their muscles work better, more efficiently and, above all, they are tense and clear, without excessive fatty tissue.

Where to buy Formatic Form? Our recommendation

The purchase of the device is best done on the website of the official distributor in our country. This is the only safe way to purchase the original product.

Only the official distributor guarantees that the client receives what he expected, both in terms of the subject and the results obtained with his help. The official distributor makes sure that payments are convenient for customers, and shipping is not only fast, but also discreet. This means the highest quality of equipment and service.

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