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If it turned out that you have bunions and you do not know how to treat them, then it is worth reading our article. One of the treatment methods, however quite invasive, is surgery . There are currently known surgical methods that do not require the limb to be immobilized in plaster during the convalescence. There are currently 150 known treatments for hallux. It is safe and not requiring the intervention of a surgeon to wear corrective bands. The comfortable Hallu Action corrective device is designed to correct the deformation of the feet, such as the toe of the lava rock , commonly known as the bunion .

Band on bunions – what is it?

It is a semi-flexible splint made of plastic with a soft foam padding, sometimes silicone. It is designed to immobilize the hallux valgus , ensuring patient comfort and helping to maintain the correct position of the foot.

  • Keeps the foot in the correct position;
  • If worn regularly, it reduces hallux deformity;
  • Universal size;
  • Suitable for women and men
  • Simple usage;

How does Hallu Action work?

Hallu Action restores the foot to its natural shape, protects and soothes the painful bunion . The progressive misalignment of the big toe joint is corrected by means of the splint worn on the big toe. The bandage eliminates incorrect load and restores the correct position under the influence of gentle pressure. Wearing a band on a deformed foot reduces pain and makes walking easier. The midfoot strap stabilizes the longitudinal and transverse arc, while the toe strap gradually pulls the big finger away from the other finger. The included midfoot cushion helps to align the transverse arch when placed behind the arch of the foot. The bunion corrector has a hinge mechanism that allows the big toe to bend while walking and adapts to the contour of the foot, especially around the inflamed joint. … or band combines in a single product … correction function of the big toe end rails ™> lawego function of Ca … up … … bow World> rĂłdstopia.

The causes of bunions

The deformation of the feet is very often dependent on genetic factors, which, unfortunately, are beyond our control. However, you can get the toe on your own wish. Wearing shoes that are too tight or with narrow toes can have serious health consequences . However, you do not have to completely give up heels, but it is worth choosing a lower heel (up to 5 cm) every day, which will relieve the toes and stabilize the foot. It is also good if the heel will be wider, as it will have a larger support area.

How to use Hallu Action?

The band can be used prophylactically in the case of mild and moderate bunions and after hallux valgus surgery. Research confirms that the Hallu Action brace is an effective tool in correcting abnormal foot load in case of bunions . Prophylactic use: Bunions, considered deformities, can cause more and more pain over time. In the case of mild to World> haluksa growth medium (hallux bone> lawego), wearing regular Hall Forte relieves pain and counteracts further deterioration of incorrect settings big toe. Hallu Action Application After Toe Surgery: Conservative treatment using an orthosis is generally recommended after the operation of hallux valgus to stabilize the surgical correction . The corrector optimally helps to secure the result of the surgery and protects the foot even under load when walking. Often times, you can avoid wearing uncomfortable special shoes. The postoperative rehabilitation phase is shortened !

Hallu Action – opinions

  • It reduces the pain – The concealer is amazing. It fits perfectly and I am sure it will help straighten the lava rock toe! I have been looking for something for a long time that can help me with my pain and this product helped me a lot! I would definitely recommend Hallu Action to a friend. Maria
  • Works and is comfortable to wear – Hallu Action is definitely a helpful, though not as “powerful” corrector as plastic bands. It does not chafe and does not irritate the skin. You can wear it under socks or shoes. I even put it to work very often. It is very comfortable to wear . – Caroline
  • I would buy again! – I have used many bands for bunions. At first I thought it would be like any other low quality product, but to my surprise it wasn’t. I wear Hallu Action and it works great. After wearing it every night for two weeks, I have noticed a great improvement in my toe alignment. It’s really worth buying. – Anna

Home prevention of bunions

It is also worth applying active prophylaxis, which will minimize the negative effects of overloading pins. Exercise strengthens the foot muscles. Ladies who often wear high heels should exercise by picking up small objects with their fingers, or walk on uneven ground. It is a good exercise to walk on a rope on the floor. It is also important to walk barefoot as it improves blood circulation in the feet and strengthens the muscles. In addition, it has a relaxing effect and also corrects minor foot defects. It is especially worth walking barefoot in summer when you can walk on grass or sand, which is also a natural peeling.

Where to buy Hallu Action?

It is not a hallux product that you will get at a medical store. You can only buy it online, on the manufacturer’s official website . This allows you to get a guarantee that you get an original and highest quality product. The distributor guarantees fast and secure shipment, you can also pay for the product safely via the Internet . We have provided a link below where you can go to the official website and make a purchase. Each reader of our website will receive an attractive discount. The promotion is limited in time, so do not wait and order the bunion concealer today .

NOTE: For a limited period of time, the official distributor of HALLU ACTION has a special offer for our readers. It is associated with a 100% triple satisfaction guarantee for the purchased treatment, in case it does not bring the expected results.

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