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troverno You can take care of your feet not only by resting and performing massages, but also while walking and even playing sports.

It is enough to put special inserts in the footwear that take advantage of the benefits of magnetotherapy. Troverno more than meets these criteria.

What effects does it give? How is it different from the competition?

We invite you to read the product review.

The impact of magnetotherapy on human health – what is it about?

Magnetotherapy is a fairly new field of science and is still frequently underestimated. Meanwhile, in many countries it is treated as a type of physiotherapy for the treatment of joint and bone diseases, osteoporosis and arterial hypertension. In addition, this way you can relieve pain and fight inflammation.

The magnetic field has the ability to penetrate the human body. Beneficial waves reach every tissue and cell. Magnetotherapy treatments are based on the administration of pulses in various ranges of frequency and intensity.

Thanks to properly selected magnets, positive actions can be directed in a specific, desired way. This is how the Troverno works, which is in the form of magnetic insoles for shoes.

Indications for the use of Troverno inserts

Anyone, both women and men, can use the Troverno. Thanks to this, they will protect their body against many unfavorable diseases. However, the product has been designed in such a way as to especially help people who work hard, regularly practice sports, struggle with pain in the feet, legs and back.

The risk group that may have problems similar to those listed above also includes those who are overweight and obese.

Effects of using Troverno inserts:

  • foot massage while walking and running (the insoles have spikes that stimulate acupressure);
  • reaching and combating the sources of pain (this includes pain in the extremities, back, feet, heart, and migraine headaches);
  • improving blood circulation;
  • elimination of muscle cramps in the legs;
  • improvement of metabolism ;
  • reducing the occurrence of many diseases, e.g. athlete’s foot;
  • increased ventilation in shoes, foot relief;
  • supporting the fight against cellulite and stretch marks;
  • indirect effect on fighting overweight;

How should I use Troverno inserts correctly?

Troverno are magnetic insoles that can be adapted to any type of footwear. They are flexible in this regard. After unpacking, place them with the tabs facing up. Then place your feet on them and use scissors to trim them carefully.

The size of the inserts should be closely matched to the size of the foot and shoes. Then the inserts are placed in the footwear, with the tabs up, in such a way that they fit snugly. For greater convenience, the current insoles in the shoes can be removed.

The Troverno is worth using in frequently used footwear, e.g. work shoes. Of course, it is worth buying more than one package and using, among others in jogging shoes or boots. It is important that the tabs massage the feet under high pressure on the shoes and that the magnets affect the body as long as possible.

Construction of Troverno insoles and operation phases

troverno The studded inserts have built-in magnets.

Two options to choose from: with four or seven magnets, of course the latter is more effective.

Magnets use the Earth’s biomagnetic field, positively affecting the body in many areas. On the other hand, the insets draw on the knowledge known in China for thousands of years. This is a boon from acupressure.

The combination of the health-promoting effect of magnetotherapy and massage – compressing individual places on the foot gives a multiplied effect. It can be divided into phases:

  • Phase I – the magnetic field penetrates the body, reaching the sources of pain. Passing through damaged tissues, it stops the impulses responsible for pain of various origins. At the same time, it supports the oxygenation of cells and accelerates the removal of unnecessary metabolic products ( detoxifying effect ). As a result, the user using the inserts is better oxygenated, has greater regenerative abilities and over time his body “repairs” itself more efficiently. At the same time, immunity and general condition improve.
  • Phase II – magnets not only “disturb” the perception of pain, but also eliminate inflammation . This has a wide impact on the body: migraine headaches disappear, problems with hypertension and dermatological diseases are reduced. In this phase, the insoles also help with cold feet and hands, improper functioning of the digestive system, endocrine disorders, and respiratory problems. They lower the level of stress. The body works more efficiently and faster. The immune system is further strengthened. Thanks to this, the occurrence of various bacterial and viral infections is reduced.
  • Phase III – The effects are similar to the first phases but profound. Thanks to this, the action is long-lasting. The body has been repaired in many areas and at the same time its repair power has been increased. The pains that have plagued the user so far are forgotten. In fact, at this point, you can stop the magnetotherapy treatment for a while. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from using the inserts continuously as before.

User feedback on the effectiveness of Troverno insoles

  • No more pain in the back and legs“I use Troverno insoles every day. I noticed that they make me feel better. My legs and even back don’t hurt anymore. The second was the worst: the excruciating throbbing pain in my lower back. Fortunately, this stage is already behind me. I am glad that I can take care of my body in a natural way. I just wear the insoles in my shoes. I can’t feel them. I can walk or run comfortably. “
  • It actually works! “At first I didn’t believe in magnetotherapy, treating it as a pseudoscience. It would never occur to me that all over the world there are normal treatments or rehabilitation with the use of magnets. I was ignorant. Only a physiotherapist friend told me what it looked like and that you can actually help yourself a lot in this way. That’s why, when I found a Troverno ad, I decided to try it. More out of curiosity. I just have a problem with sore feet, because I work in a warehouse (walking and running work) and in addition I am a marathon runner. I cope with such ailments, but they can be irritating. Getting to the bottom – I started wearing insoles at work. At first, after a few days, I didn’t feel any difference. With time, however, I noticed that my feet actually don’t hurt anymore. I don’t feel any heaviness in my legs or stagnant joints. Thanks to the insoles, I got unexpected comfort. I am ready to believe that they also help me in general health care. They helped with the pain.
  • I heal naturally“I hate chemicals and medications that will help in one and harm the other. I chose natural and alternative medicine. I know the subject of magnetotherapy and I know it works. The magnetic field affects us more than we think. For health and even mood. That’s why I carry magnets with me, in my shoes. I chose Troverno to be able to use them involuntarily, i.e. without my active participation. I just walk, work and do my daily activities, the rest is done by the insoles. I’ve noticed that since I use them, I get less sick, have better immunity and don’t struggle with pain. Just believing in their healing powers (the placebo effect) would not do that. Troverno really works!

Where to buy Troverno? Our recommendation

Troverno are exclusive shoe insoles that use magnets that emit pulses of a specific frequency and intensity. Unlike the competition, their action is stronger and more targeted. That is why they were counterfeit, cheaper and less effective.

They are offered on various websites and social media channels, e.g. on Facebook. They encourage with prices, sometimes suspiciously low. How not to fall victim to fraud? We recommend that you buy only on the official website of the insoles manufacturer . This will guarantee the receipt of the original product and the security of delivery.

Are Troverno inserts worth using? Our opinion

Using the Troverno is a good way to support the body in a non-invasive way. We can perform everyday activities forgetting about the existence of magnets, which are not idle during this time.

At the same time, the insoles are so comfortable that you can even use them for foot massage. The combination of these properties is a bull’s eye!

troverno NOTE: For a limited period of time, the official distributor of TROVERNO inserts has a special offer for our readers. It is associated with a 100% triple satisfaction guarantee for the purchased treatment, in case it does not bring the expected results.

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