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Do you want to have natural eyelashes that dazzle with their length, vivid colors and spectacular thickness? Now it is possible! Only one month of using the La Vie Clarte serum separates you from having beautiful, healthy eyelashes.

The serum is available in a beautiful, exclusive package with a window, thanks to which we can see the state of the content. It is worth paying attention to the available capacity – it is quite large for eyelash serum. The serum has a convenient brush for applying. The manufacturer recommends applying them every day for a month, after thorough eye makeup removal, along the eyelash line.

The preparation combines nourishing and nourishing properties.

What is La Vie Clarte – eyelash serum?

La Vie Clarte is a eyelash serum, one of the few reliable chances to return to long, strong and healthy eyelashes. It is a unique formula based on high-quality ingredients, which really makes a difference and provides you with unearthly looking eyelashes.

Eyelash serum La Vie Clarte:

  • is tested by ophthalmologists,
  • effective action is clinically proven,
  • provides longer and stronger eyelashes after just four weeks of use,

It is a product with high ratings from satisfied customers around the world, the best solution for sensitive eyes.

The composition of La Vie Clarte

la vie clarte The health of women around the world is in the hands of La vie Clarte producers. When developing La Vie Clarte – eyelash serum, the first step was to make sure that each ingredient is safe and does not cause any allergies or irritations. The focus was on the use of 100% natural ingredients, providing amazing results and positively affecting the structure of eyelashes.

The La Vie Clarte serum formula has been developed by the most innovative laboratories and has been thoroughly analyzed. Beauty must go hand in hand with health – this is the main theme of La Vie Clarte. The formula has been developed and tested by independent entities to ensure that the product we offer is completely safe, reliable and effective.

La Vie Clarte eyelash serum is a list of several active ingredients. Both the container and the manufacturer’s website speak of three active substances: pro-vitamin B5, biotinoyl tripeptide-1 and glycerol. How do they affect the effectiveness of the serum?

  • Provitamin B5 – Serum, after penetration into the skin, transforms into vitamin B5, which occurs naturally in the hair, nails and skin. It is essential for the proper growth of hair and nails, it also plays an important role in metabolic processes, it has a calming effect. Vitamin B5 deficiency is a direct way to hair loss, including eyelashes.
  • Biotynoil Tripeptide-1 – It is a biologically active peptide that affects the elongation of the eyelash growth phase and is less harmful. It also affects the strengthening and darkening of eyelashes, and also improves their elasticity.
  • Glycerol – This ingredient is very popular in cosmetics because it mixes water and oily substances very well. Thanks to small particles, it easily penetrates through the stratum corneum and allows transport of nutrients to the skin.

A fast La Vie Clarte serum application

Precise brush makes the application quick and easy. Your lashes should be devoid of makeup. Apply the product exactly where eyelashes touch the skin, as in eyeliners. After a few seconds the serum is absorbed and the ingredients strengthening eyelashes are activated.

Serum ingredients penetrate deep into the eyelashes roots through the skin and their effects are delayed. Nourished hair bulbs provide strong, thick and incredibly long eyelashes in a very short time. What’s more, La Vie Clarte – eyelash serum makes the eyelashes become darker and get a protective layer, which results primarily in their less fragility. This method of eyelash stimulation has proven to be completely safe and does not cause any allergic reactions or skin irritation.

La Vie Clarte container

In the case of eyelash serum, it is also worth paying attention to the packaging. Women using the serum are impressed not only by its dimensions, but also by an elegant and even exclusive box in which you can (literally!) See yourself in the mirror.

How to use the La Vie Clarte eyelash serum?

Before using the serum, carefully remove eye makeup before using the conditioner. The serum is applied along the eyelash line and remember to do it carefully so that the product does not get into your eyes.

Safety of La Vie Clarte eyelash serum

The effectiveness of the La Vie Clarte regenerative eyelash serum has been confirmed by numerous tests and opinions of testers around the world, as well as positive comments published in women’s magazines and professional magazines.

La Vie Clarte, are:

  • safe formula, perfect for eyelashes,
  • tests carried out by independent research institutes,
  • exclusive and luxurious ingredients,
  • does not change the color of the iris,
  • ophthalmologically tested,
  • product that does not irritate the eyes,

User feedback about La Vie Clarte – eyelash serum

Looking for information about La Vie Clarte – eyelash serum you can come across numerous opinions about the serum. It is worth reading them to make sure that the chosen product will meet the hopes placed in it.

Let’s start from the beginning. What the most users appreciate in the La Vie Clarte eyelash serum (with the exception of performance and a large container – 6 ml) is a thick consistency. Thanks to this, the cosmetic is easy to apply and does not fall off the eyelids, so the user does not feel itching or burning around the eyes. La Vie Clarte serum also has an intense, interesting smell that does not irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes.

    • “I put it on the upper and lower eyelashes. The composition is very simple provitamin B5, Biotynol Tripeptide-1 and glycerin, we have nothing here that would irritate the eyes and it is – it does not irritate. The serum has a thick consistency, which makes it easy to apply and does not run off the eyelashes. The worst thing about all this is remembering about imposing, because the process itself goes quickly;) with time, it enters into the blood – such an everyday ritual as brushing teeth;) And now the most important thing, that is action. For me, the first change I noticed after about two weeks during makeup removal, I had a lot less eyelashes and often not at all. Eyelashes began to feel stronger and stiffer in touch. Then one day, when I was painting, I looked in the mirror and found WOW, the mascara the same and the effect twice as good – especially it began to be seen on the lower eyelashes. I started to look, and actually stronger, longer eyelashes – after a month of use and after painting with mascara. I am really happy already, and two months until the end of the treatment. The fact that I’m practically not falling out at all is great. The serum is not cheap, but you need to take into account its capacity, it will last long. “Olivia, 28 years old .
    • “I tried the La Vie Clarte eyelash serum and I can not say a bad word. Previously, I used Long4Lashes and after stopping my eyelashes began to fall out one after the other. After a month of treatment my eyelashes are visibly thicker and longer. ADVANTAGES: First of all, there is no natural biotinol in bimatoprost. The serum is 2x more than in Long4Lashes, which I used before. The serum does not flow and it is easy to apply. It has a neutral smell, and you can literally browse through the packaging. “Justyna, 35 years old
  • “At the time of writing this post, I used La Vie Clarte for three weeks, in the morning and in the afternoon. The effects are not yet spectacular, but I admit that they are already visible. My eyelashes are longer, softer to the touch and slightly darker. It is true that during the day I still wear a mask, but I have already gone from a waterproof mask to a normal one (which is not so easy in uncertain weather) so as not to overload eyelashes when removing make-up. I want to take some time to regenerate eyelashes. The full effect should be visible in two months. But I know that I can recommend this conditioner with a clear conscience. “Iwona, 42 years old

Where can I buy the La Vie Clarte serum? Our recommendation

The easiest way to buy a product is on the official distributor’s website in our country . These are primarily security considerations. Keep in mind that the La Vie Clarte eyelash serum is a way to make your eyelashes look more beautiful and you should not risk buying ineffective items from an uncertain source. It is also worth remembering about it when looking at the price, because it contains a modern product developed by specialists in their field.

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