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lavenin Mycosis is a problem that does not pass by anyone, women and men of all ages, directors and regular employees struggle with it. There are many preparations for sale to combat the symptoms of mycosis, but only a few actually work. Among those effective, Lavenin, a preparation in the form of salt for soaking feet, is gaining more and more popularity.

Sól Lavenin – effectiveness in the fight against mycosis

The manufacturer ensures that Lavenin antifungal salt, when used regularly and in accordance with the recommendations, removes not only mycosis, but also its causes. Behind such an effective action is the composition of the preparation, which is based on plant ingredients supported by a natural antibiotic – colloidal silver . The method of application is also important, as it has the form of water-soluble crystals, which allows the ingredients to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.

Lavenin salt ingredients – colloidal silver – a natural antibiotic

In medicine, colloidal silver is used wherever sterility is important, therefore min. surgical instruments are coated with it. It has strong bactericidal and fungicidal properties. It is perfect for fighting foot mycosis. Its presence in the preparation slows down the development of fungal cells and also reduces symptoms such as burning, itching, redness, and unpleasant smell.

Lavender- skin repair and fight against microorganisms

Lavender flower has bactericidal properties , therefore it strengthens the action of colloidal silver. Additionally, it is a source of many active substances, such as tannins, minerals, anthocyanins. The latter destroy free radicals, which also allows you to get rid of bacteria. Lavender flower also contains tannins which protect it naturally against herbivorous insects. However, their astringent and drying properties were used in the preparation. This action of the lavender flower allows the infected epidermis to be removed more quickly. Tannins also strengthen the stratum corneum, which in the future protects it against damage and the penetration of microorganisms. Lavender oil – apart from the lavender flower, the preparation also uses lavender oil. It makes the blood vessels in the feet dilate, so the skin is better nourished and therefore more resistant in the future. This means that the symptoms of mycosis do not recur. Additionally, lavender oil cares for the skin, making it smooth, soft, and even its color.

Salt Lavenin – application

According to the manufacturer’s declaration, regular use of Lavenin allows for the complete cure of the symptoms of mycosis, and the first effects are visible from the very first application. Lavenin salts are used by dissolving one scoop of crystals in a vessel with warm water and then soaking your feet in this solution for 45 minutes. In this case, it is not recommended to scrub or rub the feet because such actions hinder the action of the ingredients of the preparation. The treatment is repeated every day.

Research confirming the effectiveness of Lavenin

Each preparation before it goes on sale is thoroughly tested in terms of safety of use as well as effectiveness. One of the most famous studies was conducted under the supervision of world-renowned dermatologists. 50 volunteers of all ages and genders, who had been struggling with recurrent mycosis for years, participated in the tests. They were divided into three groups, the first one tested the preparation, the second received a placebo preparation, the third group was a control group. After 3 months, in the group using the preparation, the mycosis disappeared in 100%, and many test participants declared that the symptoms had disappeared after just two weeks of use. In the placebo group, mycosis was only reduced by 3%. No changes were observed in the control group.

Specialists about Lavenin salt

The effectiveness of Lavenin is also confirmed by dermatologists who deal with patients who struggle with mycosis of the feet on a daily basis. Dr. Alice Seridan read about Lavenin in a medical letter and her attention was drawn to its enormous effectiveness: “So I decided to encourage my patients to use Lavenin salt. They all came back to me after a few weeks to boast about the effects of the treatment. Already two or three weeks of using the preparation gave surprisingly good results!

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