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magni lenso Magni Lenso is an interchangeable set of magnifying lenses that can be used in conjunction with zero power or prescription glasses. It is the perfect solution for people who need both distance and near glasses. Thanks to the attachable lenses, you only need one pair of glasses with the option of attaching magnifying glasses for near.

  • Three magnifying powers,
  • The method of fitting does not damage the frames;
  • LED lamp backlight;
  • Two kinds of kits

Magni Lenso – magnifying glasses for glasses

It is an innovative product in the form of magnifying lenses for people who are visually impaired up close. Lenses should be used in conjunction with prescription glasses. There are three lens powers to choose from: 1.5x; 2.5x and 3.5x. We recommend purchasing a set that includes all 3 powers and clear glasses.

Magnifying lenses with a special clamp can be attached to the glasses in a specific position in a way that does not damage the frames. Magni Lenso is a product designed for people who do not see fine print well, have a problem with threading a needle thread, DIY and other activities that require sharp close-up vision. The Magni Lenso works like a magnifier, except that it attaches conveniently to the glasses and you don’t need to use your hands.

What exactly does the Magni Lenso kit contain?

  • 3 magnifying lenses: 1.5x; 2.5x and 3.5x
  • LED lamp – allows you to illuminate the object, the text being read;
  • clear glasses – the lens kit includes clear glasses to which you can attach magnifying glasses.

If you have your own clear glasses and have minor vision problems, you can order a small kit which only includes a pair of 1.5x magnification lenses.

For which eye defects are Magni Lenso lenses recommended?

The set of magnifying glasses is not recommended for short-sighted people – in the case of this vision defect there are no problems with seeing close-up, only from a distance. Magni Lenso is recommended for:

  • presbyopia
  • farsightedness

Presbyopia ( presbyopia )

The first signs of presbyopia may be visible after the age of 40. The most common symptom is the distance of reading objects, such as a telephone or a book, from the eyes, i.e. deterioration of near vision. Presbyopia cannot be prevented due to the natural aging of the eye lens. People who are blind move objects away from their eyes well up close to see more clearly. For this reason, presbyopia is very often called the so-called long arm syndrome.

Hyperopia (farsightedness, hyperopia )

Vision defect manifested by blurred vision of objects close to the eyes. Persons suffering from farsightedness, although they have a problem with seeing close up, can see distant objects perfectly. They can read strings very far away without difficulty, but they cannot read the text in the newspaper.

The symptoms of farsightedness are very similar to those of presbyopia. What is the difference between them? Well, if you are over 40, your vision problems are relatively recent, you probably have presbyopia, not farsightedness.

Recommendations for use:

The product is recommended for people who have problems with close vision, suffer from farsightedness or presbyopia. The use of magnifying lenses is especially recommended when reading, gluing models, sewing, embroidering, repairing watches or other precise work. Magnifying glasses facilitate close-up vision and can also be used for everyday activities.

Magni Lenso FAQs:

What is included in the Magni Lenso kit?

Magni Lenso comes in the form of two sets:

  • small package – contains 1 1.5x magnifying cap
  • packaged large – 3 magnifying caps, 1.5x; 2.5x and 3.5 and additionally clear glasses

When you order Magni Lenso, you get zero power glasses with special magnifying caps. The shipment will be properly secured in a wrapped box so that you get all the elements of the set intact. The magnifying caps will be packed in a plastic case, while the glasses will be packed in a fabric bag, additionally secured with a bubble wrap.

If I’m nearsighted, will I see better with Magni Lenso?

Unfortunately no, magnifying glasses are only recommended for people who have problems with close vision.

Magni Lenso user reviews about the effectiveness of its use

  • How comfortable it is to see up close again! – I started having problems with seeing up close about a year ago. At the very beginning, they were practically not felt, but with time it got worse. I had problems with crossword puzzles and reading newspapers. When I was knitting, I had to narrow my eyes and I was very tired. My son bought me a Magni Lenso set as a gift. I honestly admit that at the beginning it was an amazing device for me. My son showed me how to put on the magnifying glasses. When I used it for the first time, I remembered how comfortable it is to see up close. Value for money purchase!Jadwiga, 49 years old
  • The letters in the book don’t smudge anymore!After I turned 50 I started having problems reading up close. The text on the screen of my cell phone was blurry, the letters in books or newspapers blurred. At first I thought it was a momentary exhaustion, but it only got worse. I could see better when I was moving things away from me, but at some point my hands became too short. When I saw an article about Magni Lenso magnifying glasses while browsing the internet, I thought it was something for me. I ordered a set with glasses and my close vision problems are over! I recommend!Marek, 55 years old
  • Perfect for DIY!I do not suffer from vision problems, but I really like to spend my free time doing precise tasks such as DIY. My hobby is really old watches. I’ve always had trouble seeing all the elements clearly. I just ordered Magni Lenso to help with precision work. A magnifying glass with an LED lamp works perfectly. In addition, the light allows me to see everything more clearly, and the magnifier makes it easier for me to perform precise actions on small parts!Sławomir, 38 years old
  • Very useful!I resisted wearing near vision glasses for a long time, but my vision problems took a toll on me. I like sewing, I work as a seamstress. The amblyopia began to affect my work. It took me a long time to thread the thread through the needle and it became more and more difficult. Thanks to Magni Lenso, I not only see better, but also work faster because I don’t have to strain my eyesight. I sincerely recommend!Halina, 53 years old

How to use Magni Lenso?

The use of the product is very simple, it only requires little attention the first time you use it. Remember that the maximum wearing time of glasses is approx. 4 hours a day.

  • 1 step – The magnifying glass should be attached to the device with the LED lamp. You will find a special mounting bracket next to the lamp.
  • 2nd step – Then place the clamp on the other side of the device. On one side of the clamp you will find two holes in the upper part of the bulge, which will make it easier for you to insert the slides into the device.
  • Step 3 – Connect the clamp with the glasses in such a way that the magnifying glass and the devices with the LED lamp are located in the center of the glasses.

Remember to dispose of the Magni Lenso kit and batteries in special containers after use.

Where can I buy Magni Lenso?

If you feel you have had problems with your close-up vision, then you are probably thinking about buying Magni Lenso. However, you cannot buy the set at a pharmacy, drugstore or optician. Sometimes you may find purchase bids on auction or social media sites, but most of them are probably fakes.

So where can you buy Magni Lenso? You can order the original set on the manufacturer ‘s official website , the link can be found below. For a specified period of time, you can take advantage of an attractive discount for website readers.

magni lensoNOTE: For a limited period of time, the official MAGNI LENSO distributor has a special offer for our readers. It is associated with a 100% triple satisfaction guarantee, in the event that the use of the bracelet does not bring the expected results.

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