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The best form of regeneration for the human body is sleep. In the absence of it, the hormonal balance is the most disturbed. Provitalan is a dietary supplement, intended for people who are constantly tired and for those who have problems with full and effective regeneration of the body.

A completely comprehensive treatment with the preparation, based on 5 basic active ingredients. However, the combination itself is supplemented by auxiliary substances, vitamins from the groups: A, B, E, K and the necessary chemical elements. The main purpose of using the supplement is to completely reduce the weakening of the nervous system.

Provitalan can be successfully used during intense physical exercise and hard mental work. The product, in addition to eliminating the effects of poor regeneration, is ideal for prevention.

Why is the regeneration of the body so important?

Irregular sleep times interspersed with stress can lead to serious health consequences. Starting with increased appetite, headaches, migraine headaches, vision problems, memory problems – all kinds of irritability and distraction.

provitalan Each of these negative effects of the lack of proper regeneration affects the comfort and quality of everyday life. This, in turn, translates into decisions and general well-being. During a long period of disturbed regeneration, our health is tested, which in many cases leads to infections, infections or popular civilization diseases.

It should be noted that after the age of 25, the possibility of regeneration in the case of a female body decreases by as much as 4% per year. The same percentage applies to men over 30 years of age.

Provitalan restores the natural level of hormonal balance and maximizes the body’s ability to regenerate.

Who is Provitalan for?

It is the best product in the segment of dietary supplements, restoring vitality. It is recommended to use the product by people who are teased by:

  • constant fatigue,
  • weakness of the body,
  • noticeable drop in vitality (especially in men),
  • Every day you can feel bad,
  • stress,
  • difficulty concentrating and short-term memory,
  • noticeable lethargy, constant yawning, body hypoxia / general depletion, lack of regeneration,

Chronic body fatigue can be seen after 3 bad, sleepless nights. The body in this condition is not able to properly return to normal functioning. In this case, it is necessary to improve the quality of sleep or to stop the rest completely.

If even the second situation can not be imagined, Provitalan is the first aid that will give strength to everyone. The preparation greatly affects the psychological comfort, calming and stimulating the brain cells to act.

A unique composition of the Provitalan supplement

The unique formulation formula was developed as a powder to dissolve. This consistency of micronized ingredients guarantees the best possible absorption of active ingredients in the product.

  • Creatine monohydrate – the most popular form of creatine. It is a precursor to the process of ATP molecule decay, from which the body consumes a significant part of energy resources. Its concentration in the preparation corresponds to the consumption of almost 0.5 kg of beef steak. It perfectly influences the improvement of body strength.
  • L-Arginine – dilates blood vessels and improves the transport of individual elements in the blood. L-arginine plays an important role in the transport of mineral salts and the proper functioning of the immune system.
  • Magnesium – the basic stimulant of the human nervous system. It prevents excessive muscle contractility. It improves the tissue regeneration capacity. Adequate magnesium supplementation in Provitalan prevents excessive stress. Magnesium is a key element of the regeneration process, mainly prophylactically.
  • L-tyrosine – deficiency of L-tyrosine is manifested by chronic muscle fatigue and lack of concentration. It is usually given to patients with symptoms of mental illness. It significantly improves the flow of neutrons, making gray cells more efficient and the brain “combines facts” faster.
  • Folic acid – works preventively and fights bad mood and drowsiness. Folic acid is important in the secretion of serotonin. This in turn is responsible for feeling our happiness, which significantly reduces the level of fatigue.

The form and manner of taking the Provitalan supplement

The preparation is available for sale, in the form of micronized powder, to be dissolved in water.

There are two available capacities: 125 g for a small package and 250 g for a large package. The smaller version contains 18 suggested portions of 7 g each, while the larger version – up to 36.

The maximum results are obtained by using Provitalan regularly, once a day, mixing it with lukewarm water or juice. The supplement should be consumed immediately after reconstitution.

When taking the supplement, you should not use sublimated diets, especially those with a negative caloric balance. Keep moderate physical activity as much as possible.

Contraindications to the use of Provitalan

Due to the completely different hormonal regulation in pregnant women, it is not recommended that they use this supplement. The preparation is intended for people over 18 years of age who do not have chronic health problems or other ailments.

This does not apply to chronic fatigue resulting from excessive active lifestyle. If you have been diagnosed with other health problems, it is advisable to consult a physician before using the product.

Women who are breastfeeding and allergic to any Provitalan ingredient can not use the supplement. It is recommended to store the product in a dry place at room temperature.

Provitalan – side effects

The side effect of the lack of proper regeneration has many negative consequences for health. The formula of the preparation is completely safe.

Systematic use perfectly overcomes the discomfort associated with the lack of adequate hormonal balance. It restores proper circulation, improves concentration, stabilizes the level of irritability, and above all, adds life energy that is missing during a sleep disorder.

How long should I use Provitalan?

The answer is ambiguous for everyone. The full regeneration process and the time needed to restore the body to its normal state last up to 60 days.

Depending on how long the sleep period has been prolonged, the Provitalane dose should be taken longer. Do not worry! You will feel the effects of the application after the first use. Your quality of regeneration will be at such a high level that you will feel when you should finish the supplementation.

Recommended duration of absorption of active ingredients is 30 days for people under 25 and 60 days for both women and men over 30 years of age. Increasing the dose or subsequent prophylactic use depends on individual predispositions.

User feedback on the use of Provitalan

  • “One day I got a phone call asking if I would like to test a modern natural food supplement that will give me energy. It interested me. I wanted to know the genesis of the creation and the idea of this product. After only 20 minutes of conversation, the person on the other side of the handset impressed me with my commitment and agreed to cooperate. I was very interested in the fact that Provitalan tests were carried out on a group of 120 amateurs and exceeded expectations. Progression in reducing acidification of the body increased by as much as 73%, while the depth of sleep measured by phases was effective as a systematic sleep at 22:45 – 7 in the morning. This, despite the spectacular results, gave excellent forecasts for professionals in the endurance sports industry, but not only. I as an athlete, I use it myself and recommend it to my students. “Robert, 37, personal trainer
  • “Since I started working on the night shift, the mode of the body’s functioning has completely disappeared. After only one month of work, I went to bed at 4 and got up at 12, looking like a zombie. In addition, night fast food absorption did not end well. Although I tried to sleep at least 8 hours a day, I was getting tired more and more from day to day. One day I went to a specialist who informed me that I would either have to change jobs and return to normal sleep / functioning, or help myself with good dietary supplements. The first option was not an option, so I started looking for a solution for diet supplementation. I delved into the subject of the regeneration of the human body. As it turned out, I made a mistake after I had not found and did not start using Provitalan. First of all, I stopped eating immediately before bedtime, and secondly I returned to form very quickly. Despite waking up at noon, I feel energetic and ready for active functioning. “Jacek, 49, a manual worker

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