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formelan Fortunately, the days when sexual problems were covered with a thick veil of silence are gone, and when not enjoying sex was taboo. In the past, this perception resulted in the lack of remedial actions and the accumulation of problems.

Today we are more aware and we know that ailments can be dealt with in various ways. We review Formelan, which is advertised, among others, as a means of improving and extending erection.

Formelan – a gel that uses the gifts of nature

Formelan is in the form of a gel with a natural formula (proven aphrodisiacs and extracts from medicinal plants). It increases sexual performance, increases libido and prolongs erection. It is intended for people who struggle with various problems related to sexuality. It strengthens masculinity and allows you to get more satisfaction from sexual intercourse. It can also be used by people who simply want to increase the experience and rise to the heights of skills. Additionally, it can act as a moisturizing lubricant .

Formelan is white to slightly pink in color and has a slightly minty fragrance. It is based on water, so it does not leave stains on the body and materials.

Intended use:

The gel is recommended to be used immediately before sexual intercourse. It is especially recommended for people exposed to a lot of physical and mental effort, exhausted, struggling with stress and sexual diseases. There are no contraindications for using it before oral sex. In this case, it will also increase the feeling of pleasure.

Effects of using Formelan:

  • long and satisfying erection;
  • increasing the size of the penis (improves blood flow and inflow to the cavernous bodies in the penis);
  • many times greater satisfaction with sex in both partners;
  • significant increase in libido;
  • increasing self-confidence;
  • reducing the stress associated with the fear that sex will fail and we will not “rise to the occasion”;
  • increasing interest in sex;
  • greater control of “finish” and solving the problem of premature ejaculation;
  • better blood supply to the genitals;

Formelan – active ingredients

  • Guarana seed extract (Paullinia cupana)

Guarana seed extract has a beneficial effect on the body in many areas. It dilates blood vessels, stimulates the centrifugal nervous system and accelerates the heart rate. It activates the increased production of the happiness hormone – serotonin, as well as adrenaline. Guarana seeds contain much more caffeine (4-6%) than coffee beans (up to 2.8%). The tribes of South America have used their healing and stimulating properties for centuries. Guarana can be used by people who are not allowed to drink coffee for some reason (e.g. stomach problems).

Additional advantages: guarana is bactericidal, fungicidal and strengthens the immune system.

Ginseng extract has, inter alia, stimulating effect, increases sexual performance and increases sexual desire (greater satisfaction for both lovers!). Ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. This is one of the most famous adaptogenic herbs. The first part of its Latin name, Panax, means “medicine for everything.” In addition to increasing sexual potential, the extract reduces fatigue, reduces exhaustion, lowers blood glucose levels and improves well-being. It is a treasury of active compounds, of which ginsenosides , also known as panaxosides, are of the greatest importance to the body.

The addition to the gel in the form of Mediterranean pine bark extract has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (reduces the risk of cancer). It directly affects “masculinity” by fighting erectile dysfunction. Additionally, active compounds contained in pine bark reduce muscle soreness, improve blood pressure, increase the endurance of the body and limit skin infections. The main active compounds are oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs).

As a medicinal plant, greater burdock is less widely used and therefore less known than the above gel ingredients. Meanwhile, it is a valuable raw material with universal use. It is a rich source of active compounds, vitamins (C, E, folic acid) and mineral salts (zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron). The extract has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also has antibacterial properties. It supports the work of the heart, lowers blood sugar levels and helps with hypertension. It dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow, which is of colossal importance in erectile dysfunction. Burdock is important in cosmetics, it is an additive to soothe various skin ailments.

Formelan – how to use it?

The use of Formelan is very simple. A small amount of the gel should be applied to clean skin in intimate areas. Can be massaged for faster absorption. Formelan can be used “without collision” with condoms and sex toys. In fact, Formelan not only supports your erection, it also acts as a lubricant to prevent chafing, irritation and ensure optimal glide.

The use of the gel should be abandoned in the case of pregnant women, nursing mothers and people who are allergic to any of the ingredients of the gel (this is a marginal matter, but it cannot be completely ruled out).

Reviews on Formelan

  • “Just crazy!” – It is rather difficult to expect that after using the gel all the problems in bed will be solved as if by a magic wand (please, no associations). At least that’s what I thought at first. I tried Formelan and the first time I used my penis it was harder and I was able to “do it” longer than usual. I got rid of my complexes and after years of marriage, my wife and I started experimenting and going crazy.
  • “I never would have expected …” – A strange thing came out of Formelan. Nice surprise. Somehow, my friend and I got down to the topic of marriage, with which I was not particularly happy. She recommended this gel to me. It took me a while to talk Miśka to him, but now I don’t regret it. Sex turned out to be better than I thought. My husband finally tried, and he tried for quite a long time. Long talk … I had my first orgasm in maybe five years!
  • “Sex Like Never Before” – I’ve always praised myself that I can solve almost any problem. That’s why erection problems were a blow to me below the belt. I stopped enjoying sex. I saw that my partner was disappointed, although she never admitted it herself. I wasn’t always ready for action. Sex was short, monothematic and biased. Fun came back only when I reached for Formelan. It is a natural gel, it does not interfere with putting on a condom, it does not cause allergies and actually works. It ignites, enlarges and lengthens. Pure joy. I recommend ”.

Where to buy Formelan?

To be sure of the full effectiveness of Formelan, you should purchase it on the manufacturer ‘s official website . Please find below a redirect link that allows you to easily access the product. And at the same time avoid fraud. However, we warn you against using other, unreliable sources, e.g. groups on social-media websites, which may tempt you with suspiciously low prices and offer fakes. A good product costs money, although in this case the price is still very attractive.

Formelan is a gel that must be awarded a high mark for “style”, effectiveness and ease of use. The product uses natural means – considered aphrodisiacs, is non-invasive, improves health and allows you to enjoy sex.

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