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ayur read pro Lifestyle forces people to use their eyes contrary to their structure, which very quickly contributes to visual impairment. Many hours of looking at a monitor located very close to them have a destructive effect.

Can this be prevented? Modern medicine can cope with this problem with the help of corrective lenses or surgery. However, each of these methods has its drawbacks. Firstly, corrective lenses do not reduce the defect, while surgery is expensive and can lead to complications. This is where Ayurvedic glasses come in.

Ayur Read Pro – these are glasses, filled with a mesh of tiny holes that help focus the eyesight, at the same time shielding it from the rays of light and allowing less light into the eye, thanks to which some people see more clearly. Ayurvedic glasses are also called stenopeic glasses.

What are Ayurvedic Ayur Read Pro glasses?

Ayurveda is an Indian type of medicine in which for the first time appeared, among others Ayurvedic glasses. They can be found in Poland since the 90s and have become more and more popular since then. It is a natural method that improves vision. They are glasses without lenses. This means that the prescription glasses are not installed in the frame. Instead, they have a non-transparent cover in which many small holes are made.

These glasses are very versatile – the same type is available for people with different types and levels of visual impairment. Every user of Ayurvedic glasses must first get used to them.

At first, their use is usually very tiring, but it is a sign that everything is going well! It is worth introducing them gradually, without overloading the eyes. Usually, the improvement is noticed while wearing the glasses, but also after taking them off. It is best to perform systematic exercises to prolong the precious action that turns into permanent correction.

What are Ayur Read Pro prescription glasses for?

With Ayurvedic glasses, you can:

  1. Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome – If you use computers frequently, you will recognize the following symptoms: eye strain, dry eyes, general fatigue, headache, blurred vision, and double vision. Ayur Read Pro glasses can reduce glare on your monitor, help to relax your eyes, increase depth of field and increase your natural focusing power.
  2. Reduce Eye Strain and Improve Your Vision – Visually impaired people can get relief from eye strain by wearing Ayurvedic glasses. Wear them while watching TV or relaxing at home and you’ll get a clear view from a distance without the use of corrective lenses.

Ayur Read Pro – effects of use:

  • mobilization of the eye to movement
  • muscle training, which increases accommodation
  • stimulation of eye motility
  • restoration of the normal functioning of the eyes (impaired by the use of contact lenses, prolonged staring at the computer or TV screen)
  • improvement of blood supply, which eliminates the effect of fatigue

Ayurvedic glasses are a great way to enjoy your eyesight after a hard day’s work, they allow you to get rid of pain and effectively restore visual acuity.

Other advantages of using Ayur Read Pro glasses

They are advertised as a way to reduce eye strain. If you experience eye strain caused by unnatural light all day (such as when working in front of a screen), you may consider wearing Ayurvedic glasses to reduce this unpleasant feeling and protect your eyesight. However, keep in mind that trying to work, read or write while wearing glasses can be uncomfortable and cause a headache.

In the opinion of many users, they have a positive effect on myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and the early stages of cataracts.

Occasionally, ophthalmologists use Ayurvedic glasses as a diagnostic tool. By asking you to wear glasses and talk about what you see, doctors can sometimes determine if you are experiencing pain and other symptoms due to infection or damage to your eyesight.

The Ayur Read Pro glasses can therefore be used as a diagnosis device for certain eye diseases. They can also be a fun accessory to wear around the house with the added benefit of keeping your eyes focused on a specific thing.

Who are Ayur Read Pro prescription glasses recommended for?

If you already understand what Ayurvedic glasses are, now it’s worth referring to how we see. The point is: first a ray of light is reflected off the object you are looking at, then it travels through the cornea and goes to the lens. The ray is focused on the macula or the receptor. However, if they are deformed, they refract light the wrong way and the resulting image is blurred. This is what characterizes the most common eye diseases, such as myopia, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Most people get used to wearing glasses in just a few minutes. At first you will have the feeling and awareness of the “honeycomb effect” (because of the holes), but over time this feeling will diminish and then fade away. You will also be able to enjoy a clear image immediately without the harmful effects of prescription lenses.

If you are very short-sighted (over -6.00 diopters), the honeycomb effect may not disappear, so Ayurvedic Ayur Read Pro glasses may be too messy to wear. It is better then to start with the eye exercises until you reach -6.00 diopters or less.

They can also help children with progressive myopia and people with special visual needs who rely too much on their peripheral vision. Again, this is a much cheaper option than glasses, and more fun for kids.

Can Ayur Read Pro glasses be harmful? What is the secret of their effectiveness?

They are simply dark plastic glasses with holes where the lens would normally be. The simplicity of Ayurvedic glasses is that they allow a much narrower beam of light to enter the eye. This allows the eye muscles to relax and the small beam of light to focus more clearly on the retina.

Noticeable effects of use are registered after a few weeks (5-6 weeks). The target use of the glasses is approximately 3 hours a day. Wear them with your daily activities, working at home, reading, watching TV or using your computer.

Traditional medicine corrects visual impairments with the use of appropriate lenses (contact or glasses). In this way, they relieve the eye, depriving it of having to do some of its work, making it “lazy”.

The effectiveness of alternative medicine is based on the fact that it first restores the natural functioning of the eye by mobilizing to act and thus strengthening it. The specificity of Ayurvedic glasses forces the eye to work every day to perform basic life activities.

Are there any contraindications to using Ayur Read Pro?

The use of Ayurvedic glasses is not recommended in situations where a wide field of vision is necessary, for example when driving a motor vehicle or when working with specialized tools.

Despite their many advantages, the Ayur Read Pro glasses block such a large part of the field of view that they should not be worn during any activities that require eyesight. This includes housework and driving. They also don’t protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.

Ayurvedic Ayur Read Pro glasses – research on effectiveness

Some prescription eyewear manufacturers say that the clearer vision their products give can become a permanent improvement. They think they train your eyes and eye muscles to focus properly again – that’s true.

Ayur Read Pro glasses have several uses. Some people use them to treat nearsightedness, others wear them to improve astigmatism. The users of these types of glasses believe that they are effective. Both ophthalmologists and optometrists have been recommending them to their patients complaining of vision problems for many years.

Ayur Read Pro glasses – user reviews about the use

Some users say that wearing Ayurvedic glasses for as little as 15 minutes a day can significantly improve vision within 4 weeks. Meanwhile, if you have farsightedness, simply read and write for 15 minutes a day with glasses of this type and see if you can achieve better eyesight with this extremely simple tool. From user reviews it is concluded that the glasses will definitely make your eyesight clearer.

This is because the Ayur Read Pro glasses focus light on the retina. Usually, if you suffer from myopia or farsightedness and you don’t use any corrective lenses or glasses, the image that is set by the lens and the cornea is projected either too far forward (myopia) or too far back (hyperopia) of your retina. It makes everything you look at blurry and unclear.

Ayurvedic glasses reduce the amount of light that passes into your eyes, which causes the pupil to narrow. These conditions cause the image you are looking at to be displayed with greater clarity on the retina. In fact, this phenomenon has been known for a long time; this is one of the reasons why squinting can temporarily give you a clearer picture of what you are looking at.

Where to buy glasses – shop? pharmacy?

Ayur Read Pro glasses with a certificate, you can buy in the majority of large optical stores.

The easiest way, however, is to order them online, directly from the manufacturer’s website, with the guarantee that the purchased product is original and the price is the lowest.

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