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Aging of the skin is a natural process, but under certain conditions it may occur faster or slower. A great impact on this is appropriate care – the use of good quality cosmetics using the gifts of nature. The unfavorable process can also be reversed to some extent. Hylaroll comes with invaluable help – anti-aging gel for face rejuvenation .

The aging process and loss of skin firmness is both genetically conditioned and dependent on the way of care, diet, use of stimulants, lifestyle and even the specificity (and pollution) of the environment. The more it is worth to focus on comprehensive protection using a variety of proven methods.

One of the most effective solutions that the market offers is Hylaroll with an anti-aging roller. Regular use of a modern gel is the “second youth” for a woman.

How and for what use Hylaroll?

Hylaroll is recommended to be applied to the skin of the face and neck at night – then its effectiveness is even greater. When the body is resting and the skin does not have to defend itself against unfavorable factors (eg UV radiation), the beneficial compounds contained in the gel more efficiently penetrate the cells, improving their hydration, stimulating regenerative processes and nourishing the fibroblasts found in the connective tissue.

The use is very simple: the roller needs to be smoothed with light circular movements. The treatment should last about 15-20 minutes (then we guarantee that the active substances will penetrate deeply into the skin). The operation can be intensified by performing additional wound surgery (do not exceed this standard). Hylaroll is recommended for use on cleansed and dried skin (works on make-up, but less so). The results of use for 3-4 weeks will be amazing. Efficacy is supported by laboratory tests – that’s why dermatologists often recommend this product.

Hylaroll – seven times for YES!

  1. It eliminates the characteristic “crow’s feet” appearing around the eyes (including due to the decrease of hyaluronic acid in the cells), most often found in women over 25 years of age.
  2. It smoothes both fine and “wrinkled” wrinkles while preventing the appearance of new ones.
  3. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin (creating a protective layer), making the skin healthier and free from problems.
  4. Eliminates dark circles under the eyes and puffiness.
  5. It restores the natural color of the skin by limiting the occurrence of discoloration and stains. pigmentation (ugly called “senile”).
  6. They give a long-lasting effect by acting both temporarily and prophylactically.
  7. They are a cheaper, safe, non-invasive alternative to various aesthetic medicine treatments.

The composition of Hylaroll – when technology “for beauty” and gifts of nature go hand in hand

Hylaroll’s effectiveness is influenced by a rich and well thought out composition, containing components used in cosmetics and traditional ingredients (in various forms used for centuries). Facial rejuvenation gel contains a number of beneficial active compounds acting stimulating, moisturizing, regenerating and filling (eliminating wrinkles and cavities). The most important ingredients of the gel are:

  • Hyaluronic acid – occurs in the body naturally in the form of a biopolymer (and together with collagen is the most important component of the skin). Its basic function is to bind and thereby retain water molecules (in this case, to preserve skin firmness and delay the aging process). It stimulates fibroblasts to create new collagen fibers and collagen production. It is also the building block of blood vessel walls. Over time, its concentration decreases dramatically and deficiency should be supplemented “externally”. The form (particle size) also affects its absorption. In many cases (for other cosmetics) hyaluronic acid is not fully effective because it contains too large fractions. In Hylaroll, this problem was solved using two forms: normal molecules and microparticles. These “traditional” infiltrate shallowly by smoothening the skin and giving it firmness, these micro-infiltrates deeply, solving the problem comprehensively. The development of nanotechnology is also beneficial from the perspective of beauty preservation.
  • Ylang-Ylang oil – contains a significant amount of compounds positively affecting health and beauty (phenols, esters, ethers). In the home countries, oil is used, among others to protect hair and skin from the destructive (drying) effect of salt water. Ylang ylang oil heals inflammation and prevents skin flaking. It also protects it against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Extracts increase elasticity and soften the skin. In addition to dermatological application, Ylang-Ylang is used in aromatherapy and as … aphrodisiac.
  • Verbena extract – its valuable application is based on antioxidant action (delaying aging processes). In addition, the extract removes skin spots, greasy luster and restores the skin’s natural color. It soothes skin irritations.
  • Grape seed oil – an important component that limits the destructive impact (of course, long-term) of external factors such as UV radiation or air pollution. It acts as an antioxidant destroying free radicals. It is a protective barrier not only for the epidermis, but also for the deeper layers of the skin. It is a source of acids valuable for the body (linoleic, oleic, palmitic, stearic, alpha-linolenic, palmitoolein).
  • Biosaccharide resin – creates an invisible, moisturizing layer, thanks to which the skin does not dry out. In addition, its use in Hylaroll improves the absorption of other ingredients.
  • Glycerin – is a commonly used substance that provides the gel with a proper consistency and allows mixing of ingredients, while strengthening their effect.

The commands of specialists and users – this can not be underestimated!

Hylaroll underwent a series of scientific studies that showed its effectiveness in eliminating wrinkles and facial rejuvenation. At the same time, it is completely safe for the body, without causing unforeseen side effects. That is why it is widely recommended by specialists and used in beauty salons.

However, the recommendations of scientists are not everything – it is worth reaching for opinions of ordinary people who used the product. And on this background, Hylaroll stands out among the competition.

“I have always devoted a lot of time to taking care of myself, although vanity can not be accused of me. My husband sometimes lost patience when we were about to leave and he had to wait a long time around the apartment. Unfortunately, over time, the use of a variety of cosmetics and makeup began to reflect on my face. I was only 30 years old and I felt old. Crow’s feet, more and more wrinkles at the mouth – it caused my fear. The woman is probably never ready for this stage and for a long time defends herself against the term: aging. It’s always about someone else, it’s not about you. Of course, I tried to counteract the phenomenon by spending a lot on various anti-wrinkle creams. I went even further – looking for recipes among various medicines (eg Ayurveda) and opting for aesthetic medicine treatments. The effects were, indeed, satisfactory, and short-lived. Then, with the advice of my friend (and without special faith), I reached for Hylaroll. As it turned out – it was the best decision. Not only that I delayed the formation of wrinkles, I noticed the smoothing out of existing ones. Now I look younger than a few years ago. This is the best recommendation! “Magda, 34 years old

“Old age is not joy, youth is not eternity – it is common to speak in many situations. I, however, wanted this old age (physically – spiritually still feeling young) to delay as much as possible. And I succeeded. After a long search and testing of various cosmetics or ‘miraculous recipes’, I finally found Hylaroll. I checked the ingredients first – it turned out that the composition is rich, valuable and certainly does not hurt (with these cosmetics it is different). After the monthly treatment I noticed satisfactory results. The skin on my face became softer, more elastic and, above all, the wrinkles began to fade. Now I use the gel regularly (initially I used it twice a day, now it’s enough) and I look young for the years I’ve lived. Only a few people know my age (even my husband probably does not remember) . Joanna, years (I will not say :))

“The appearance of wrinkles is one of the worse experiences for a woman. You are watching in the mirror and you still see a young woman, but with more and more wrinkles. Initially, they are covered with a suitably chosen undercoat (I advise against these dark ones), with time this will not help. It is more and more and more. I felt less and less attractive. In addition, I noticed that the husband is watching younger women, students and these matters. And he did not do anything about it, but shrugged as I drew attention. So I tried to look after myself as best as possible. Despite the use of various creams, I was not happy with the results. I never even took any operations, treatments or injections into account. Only treatments with the use of Hylaroll helped. The skin on my face after a few weeks has clearly improved – it is flexible, firm and smooth. Wrinkles have become less visible. Maybe they have not disappeared 100%, but almost do not see them, as if the gel filled cavities. That’s why I recommended it to my friends – they were also happy. Full satisfaction. Thank you”.Aneta, 38 years old

Is it worth using Hylaroll? Our rating

We assume that every woman is beautiful, but some are simply neglected. Of course, wrinkles are not a cause for shame, self-esteem or complexes – it’s a natural process. However, if you can delay it and look younger – even inadequate to age – why not do it? Not only for the environment (“how they see us, they write us”) or families, but above all for themselves.

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