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dermitalen control On the market, we can find a whole range of antifungal preparations for the feet, most often in the form of a spray, but few of them are suitable for use on the whole body. Mycoses are very popular infectious diseases. People of all ages visit a doctor or dermatologist with mycoses of the scalp, nails, feet or smooth skin.

Dermitalen Control is a preparation in the form of a convenient spray that fights unpleasant symptoms of mycosis and can be applied to the entire body.

Dermitalen Control spray – how does it work?

Mycoses of the skin and nails are very unpleasant ailments that, according to statistical data, affect every fifth person. The symptoms of mycosis are easy to recognize, but strongly felt and persistent. These include itching, burning, yellowing of the nails, skin peeling and redness.

Dermitalen Control in the form of a spray is a preparation that will relieve you from mycosis. The active ingredients contained in the product have a fungicidal effect on molds, dimorphic fungi and dermatophytes. The effects are visible after a very short time – 7-10 days is enough to say goodbye to itching, burning and get rid of the unpleasant smell.

Dermitalen Control – effects of action

  • itching and burning are eliminated,
  • the skin between the fingers stops peeling, redness disappears,
  • the blisters filled with serous fluid disappear, the skin exfoliates and regenerates,
  • the skin becomes moisturized and elastic, cracks appearing on the soles of the feet disappear

Who is the spray intended for and how should it be used?

Dermitalen Control is a preparation for external use, it can be used on the skin of the whole body (it should not be used against mycoses of the mucous membranes). The spray can also be sprayed on footwear to disinfect it.

Dermitalen Control – Active ingredients

Below you will find a list of the active substances in the ringworm spray and a brief description of their action.

Trikenol Plus – a unique combination of terpinen-4-ol with willow extract and salicylic acid

Methylpropanediol, 4-Terpineol, Salicylic Acid, Salix Alba Bark Extract – This standardized plant complex has strong fungistatic and bacteriostatic properties, it also restores the balance of the skin microflora ( prebiotic effect). It reduces acne, seborrheic skin changes, and above all, it fights mycoses of the skin and nails. Trikenol tests have shown that it is a bacteriostatic-fungistatic complex, i.e. it inhibits the growth of fungi, yeasts and other microorganisms after 24-72 hours!

  • Terpinen-4-ol – A substance found in the essential oil – tea oil – obtained from the tea tree – torsion melaleuca ( Melaleuca alternifolia ). It has a strong antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect. It also relieves itching and burning. The compound was tested in vitro, which confirmed its effectiveness in eliminating yeasts, fungi, dermatophytes and bacteria.
  • Salix Alba willow extract – The extract is obtained from the bark of white willow, which is exceptionally rich in polyphenols, organic acids and salicylates. Due to its moisturizing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, it is widely used in cosmetic and dermatological products. Thanks to the content of salicylates, it also reduces pain and discomfort.
  • Salicylic acid ( 2-hydroxybenzoic acid ) – It is a substance with a strong exfoliating effect, thanks to which it stimulates the skin renewal and regeneration processes. It also helps reduce inflammation and stimulate cleansing the skin of excess sebum or callous epidermis. Perfect for acne prone skin. Salicylic acid also has strong fungicidal properties and helps to fight topically, externally, inflammation caused by yeasts.
  • Dermosoft Decalact Deo – Active ingredient consisting of a mixture of acylated lactates with medium chain length. Its action is similar to that of triclosan or climbazole – it allows to eliminate fungal infections. Dermosoft Decalact Deo is also the first certified natural deodorizing ingredient. Its effectiveness – up to 24 hours – has been confirmed by German studies at SGS Institute Fresenius . The compound was enriched with sage oil, which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Triethyl citrate ( Triethyl citrate ) – exhibits deodorant effect, and therefore is used in deodorants or antiperspirants. It does not damage the natural skin microflora, but effectively inhibits biochemical processes that result in an unpleasant smell. It facilitates the dissolution and mixing of the other ingredients of Dermitalen Control. It allows you to maintain a high sense of hygiene for feet and shoes.
  • Tea tree oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia ) – A very valuable vegetable oil that contains over 100 active substances! It is obtained from the Australian tea tree, and its amazing properties have already been appreciated by ancient Aboriginal tribes. It effectively eliminates mycosis of the skin and nails, and also accelerates skin regeneration, prevents scarring. To obtain 10 liters of this valuable oil, distillation requires as much as 1 ton of tea tree leaves!

Dermitalen Control spray reviews – what do the customers say?

  • Rescue for feet and nails! – “I love swimming, so I go to the pool a lot. Of course I know how easy it is to catch various diseases in the pool, but I tried to be careful. Unfortunately, I caught foot and nail fungus. Apart from the fact that my feet looked really unsightly, the worst part was the persistent itching. While looking for help, I found positive opinions about the Dermitalen Control spray. A few days and the situation is under control! “Justyna, 28 years old
  • It helped like no other preparation – ” Mycosis is a very troublesome disease and it is not easy to get rid of it. I struggled with fungi on my feet for a long time and I have practically forgotten what it means to wear open sandals without feeling ashamed. Unfortunately, nothing helped me, and I tried a few antibiotics, drugs from the pharmacy and even home remedies. A friend recommended this spray to me and I must admit that it was a revelation. I also like the fact that thanks to it I can maintain the hygiene of my shoes. “Monika, 34 years old
  • It changed my life – “I rate the effect of Dermitalen Control spray very highly. For two months I struggled with toenail and foot fungus. The discomfort was unbearable, and my nails were yellow and distorted. After using the preparation for about 10-14 days, I was shocked. . My feet are smooth and well-groomed and my nails are even and healthy. I feel relieved and I owe it to this product, so I will recommend it to everyone. “Jacek, 43 years old

Dermitalen Control – where to buy? Our opinion

Dermitalen Control mycosis spray is a preparation that has gained considerable recognition among customers and is willingly chosen by people suffering from this unpleasant ailment. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to get. Most of the sales offers in online stores or websites with advertisements and auctions are for fakes! The original spray can only be purchased on the manufacturer’s official website . The purchased preparation will be sent to you in a discreet, gray package.

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