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supravenic Freezing feet and hands are one of the first symptoms of impaired blood circulation.

Supravenic is a dietary supplement dedicated to people who experience discomfort due to cold limbs. Specially selected ingredients support proper blood circulation and regulate energy metabolism .

Causes of cold feet – problems with blood circulation

Depending on the individual case of the patient, there may be a different cause of feet freezing. With age, systematic narrowing of blood vessels and a decrease in their elasticity is observed – it affects the circulation and, as a result, the emergence of more serious ailments, including atherosclerosis or hypertension. Smoking or taking birth control pills can also lead to vascular diseases.

Do you know that..

If the problems with freezing feet appear for the first time after the age of 30, especially in men, we may deal with Raynaud’s syndrome – the so-called cold feet disease. In addition to the annoying feeling of cooling the limbs, there is also a bruise. Consultation with a specialist is necessary to rule out the disease.

Supravenic for cold feet and hands

The composition of the supplement was composed to solve common problems with blood circulation, such as numbness and cramps in the limbs. The formula allows you to replenish the existing deficiencies, which may manifest as discomfort in the form of cold feet and hands.

The action of the Supravenic supplement is:

  • Proper fat management

Regular use of the preparation reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, removes the so-called. “Cholesterol deposits”, in effect, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

  • A healthy heart

Natural ingredients improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, additionally they also contain antioxidants that protect the body’s cells against free radicals.

  • Solving the problem of cold feet and hands

Supravenic allows you to regulate the energy metabolism and increase the energy efficiency of the body.

Supravenic – composition:

  • Schizandra chinensin (Latin Schizandra chinensin) – A plant known in Chinese medicine as the “fruit of the five flavors” because the citrus berries include bitter, sweet, sour, spicy and sweet flavors. The tests carried out showed that taking a daily dose of about 100 – 130 mg of Schizandra clearly improves the work of the circulatory system . This is probably due to the influence on the increased flow of nitric oxide in the blood, which dilates the blood vessels and increases their flexibility. Chinese lemon supports the protection of the heart muscle and prevents its damage.
  • Milk Thistle – “Holy Thistle” – Contains a very large dose of natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals responsible, among others, for many cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Milk thistle supports the work of the liver and lowers the level of “bad” cholesterol.
  • Common nettle – probably known by all of us, so its pro-health properties are greatly underestimated. It contains many nutrients, including vitamins, fats, amino acids and polyphenols . Nettle juice or extract has a strong cleansing, detoxifying and regulating effect of the circulatory system, which helps to reduce, among other things, the feeling of “heavy” legs.
  • Grapevine proper (Latin Vitis vinifera L.) – It is one of the oldest plants cultivated by man – according to available data, grapevine and wine production were known as early as around 6000 BC. health, of which resveratrol is worth attention. It is a polyphenol with a very strong antioxidant effect, preventing cardiovascular diseases . In the case of existing atherosclerotic lesions, it has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Rosehip extract – Tasty rosehips are also a powerful dose of vitamin C and other active substances that protect the circulatory system, strengthen blood vessels and reduce excessively high blood pressure.
  • Vegetable Euterpa – A palm plant known mainly for its dark purple fruits – Acai berries. Vegetable euterpa extract is a natural bomb of polyphenols that positively affect the cardiovascular system by:
    • improving blood flow, which reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and
    • reduces the problem of cold feet and hands,
    • protection of blood vessels,
    • regulating blood pressure,
    • reduction of bad cholesterol.
  • Chinese tea (Latin Camelia Sinensis) – The health-promoting properties of Chinese tea extract are primarily valued in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Chinese tea is a natural source of flavonoids that support the function of blood vessels, regulate blood flow and prevent cardiovascular ailments.
  • Coenzyme Q10 (Ubichinone) – For many years it has been used in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and above all in supporting the work of the heart. It allows you to increase the level of oxygen supplied by the blood to the muscles, heart and brain.
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) – The correct level of vitamin B1 in the body prevents muscle twitching, pain in the limbs and circulatory failure.

Supravenic – opinions:

  • Joanna, 40 years old – “I felt cold feet even in summer!” – For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from freezing limbs problems. Even in hot weather, my feet were freezing cold. I had no idea that there was a cure for such problems. I found out about Supravenic on the Internet and I couldn’t help but check if it really worked. I can’t say it’s perfect already, but after 7 days the difference is very big.
  • Grażyna, 51 – “The best product without a prescription” – I work at my desk, 8 hours in a sitting position, so I started having problems with my legs very quickly. The worst were the night cramps and the feeling of numbness in the legs, often very painful. When I saw the Supravenic ad, I clicked without thinking and ordered it. After a dozen or so days of use, I see a significant improvement – I no longer have cramps, I do not feel my legs suffer. Keep it up!

How to use Supravenic?

The preparation should be used according to the instructions attached to the package. The recommended dosage is 1 capsule twice a day. The dose should be taken approximately 30 minutes before a meal with plenty of water. Changing the dosage method must be made before consulting a doctor.

Contraindications to the use of Supravenic:

  • allergy to any component of the supplement,
  • age under 18,
  • medical condition,
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation.

Supravenic indications for use

  • limb cramps
  • numbness in the limbs
  • constant problem with cold feet and hands,
  • disturbed lipid metabolism,
  • elevated cholesterol.

Where to buy Supravenic Supplement? Is it worth using?

If you want to be guaranteed the purchase of the original Supravenic supplement – avoid auction sites or online stores. We recommend purchasing the preparation directly on the official distributor ‘s website .

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