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Today, we often hear that someone is hurting the feet, back or other parts of the body when someone else comes. Long walks, and sometimes even a short distance to the store can cause unpleasant ailments, for which bad shoes, aging bones and joints are blamed. However, it does not have to be true. Do you know that receptors responsible for many body parts are found in the feet? Among other things, for the sinuses, neck, quadriceps, kidneys, knees, intestines and thyroid. It is therefore necessary to provide the feet with the right comfort during all activities!

Promagnetin inserts come in handy, which are becoming more and more popular among people who have different types of pain. Do they actually bring the desired results? Will they stop the ailments? We decided to check it out!

How do Promagnetin pads work?

What distinguishes the magnetic shoe pads from Promagnetin from ordinary shoe insoles? In addition to being well contoured, they also have a therapeutic effect. They fight chronic pain in the feet, legs, spine and also cope with other ailments.

After all, the receptors of many organs are located in the feet! This is due to the magnets embedded in them, which have the strength of 970 or 1500 (large version) gauses. Thanks to this, we feel a natural contact with the biomagnetic field of the Earth, which has a significant impact on our health and well-being!

So how do the Promagnetin pads work?

  • promagnetin They massage feet while walking. Thanks to this, they relax muscles, absorb pressure and reduce foot fatigue. Relaxed feel not only feet, but the benefits of the whole body.
  • They help improve circulation. Each massage has a good effect on blood circulation, but it is in the feet that there are a lot of nerve endings and receptors. Properly stimulated, the blood circulation has a proper rhythm, and the risk of diseases associated with circulation decreases.
  • They reduce the occurrence of leg aches and cramps. Properly selected inserts improve the comfort of movement, absorb vibrations and thanks to that the muscles, tendons and joints work better. The risk of painful cramps and injuries is reduced.
  • They help improve foot ventilation. They form an air layer between the insole and the foot, thanks to which the legs do not perspire and they have guaranteed thermal comfort.
  • They support processes inside the body – including they turn up the metabolism, regulate the work of hormones, relieve pain.

3 phases of operation of Promagnetin magnetic inserts

  1. Phase I – magnetic field through the foot massage with magnetic inserts penetrates the painful tissues and stops the pain impulses in the cells. Next, the cells are oxygenated and purified from toxins. Pain complaints are extinguished.
  2. Phase II – magnetic forces fight the inflammation that is present in the body. Levels are eliminated the following ailments: skin problems, hypertension, migraine headaches, cold feet and hands, improper gastrointestinal function as well as respiratory problems. The hormonal balance of the body is regulated – stress disappears, metabolism works better. The body regenerates faster and more efficiently, which improves the overall immunity of the body.
  3. Phase III – the self-healing capacity of the organism improves. This eliminates rheumatoid and arthritic problems. The pain disappears irreversibly. Repeating the treatment guarantees comfort – improves the dynamics of movement, symmetry of the body, stabilizes the body.

What can the Promagnetin magnetic inserts help with?

According to the manufacturers, Promagnetin inserts use the processes of physics, and more specifically the properties of the magnetic field of the globe and acupressure. Pressure on specific points in the feet and biomagnetic energy improve the functioning of the whole organism.

Well, the magnetic field reduces tissue pain – at the cellular level, pain, stimulated oxygenation, cellular nutrition and detoxification are relieved. Thanks to this the body regains balance.

Thus, magnetic inserts for Promagnetin shoes are a great way to reduce problems in various parts of the body. They improve circulation, stimulate nerve endings and have a positive effect on well-being. Their power flows from a combination of acupressure and magnetotherapy.

Magnetotherapy works on many levels – from the feet to the top of the head. It consists in the fact that the magnetic field permeates the body and reaches every cell, facilitating the supply of nutrients and oxygen to them. As a result, the development of connective tissue accelerates and anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling and analgesic reactions occur.

Acupressure of the feet, in turn, by pressing the right places on the foot, affects the relaxation of muscles throughout the body. Thanks to this, it not only acts on the source of pain or ailments, but also reaches the places surrounding them, which makes the whole treatment more effective. Regular acupressure works holistically on the whole body – regulates the balance of the body and the energy flowing through the body.

The effects of using therapeutic inserts

Therapeutic insoles Promagnetin not only stabilize the foot while walking, but also absorb it from vibrations and massage. Inside them, magnets with a capacity of 970 Gauss and 1500 Gauss are hidden in a large version.

Thus, there is an automatic massage during the steps being taken, as well as the impact of the magnetic field on the nerve endings in the feet, which there is no measure. Effect? Relieved pain, sharpened senses, improved metabolism, better mood, comfort.

Inserts take care of the body in a comprehensive way, and what’s more – the effects of their use are long-lasting. You will not only feel the general relief, but you will also reduce the risk of diseases such as haluks, posture defects and degeneration of the spine and joints. It is therefore a non-invasive method to combat various ailments – without taking harmful substances, a strict diet or surgical interventions.

Perceptible results are already after the first moments of use – you feel the comfort, pleasant relaxation and stimulation of various nerve endings. So, for example, you may stop worrying your head or you will notice that your sluggish intestines are working better.

How should I use Promagnetin pads?

The use of Promagnetin magnetic inserts is extremely simple. First, put the inserts with the tabs up on the floor. Place the feet on them so that they do not protrude beyond the surface of the inserts. If these are too big (size is universal, 28.5 cm), cut them to the size of the foot using scissors. Put the insoles in the shoes with the tabs up and press firmly.

Make sure the pads adhere well to the foot surface and that they do not roll anywhere. Ready? In that case, you can start the massage of your feet and the process of regeneration of the body.

Who are Promagnetin inserts recommended for?

Magnetic inserts have been created for everyone who depends on the proper functioning of the body. They are dedicated to people who are relatively active on a daily basis – they work, walk, play sports, perform numerous household duties. Thanks to the inserts, they ensure proper comfort for the feet – they do not load them, they ventilate properly and absorb during movement. , which will translate into better functioning of the whole organism.

Are there any contraindications to the use of magnetic inserts?

The inserts are an absolutely safe product. They use many years of achievements in the field of folk medicine, acupressure and physics. They can be used by people of all ages and with all diseases, unless the doctor has recommended not giving up wearing shoes.

Promagnetin is made of high quality, health-safe materials, thanks to which they are reusable, long-lasting and do not cause any undesirable side effects.

Opinions of specialists about Promagnetin insoles

  • As a personal trainer, I place great emphasis on correct posture, but also a holistic approach to the whole body. I remind my pupils about the importance of choosing the right footwear – for exercising, but also for walking. I recommend them with Promagnetin insoles that stabilize the foot, massage it during movement and stimulate nerve endings. These inserts are absolutely safe and recommended to people of all ages and levels of physical activity. They can be worn both for workouts, as well as every day or even home. “- Marcin, personal trainer
  • Unconventional medicine is my passion. I meet people from the environment and I am happy to get their opinions about products that support the human body on many levels. Magnetic inserts Promagnetin is an absolute industry trend. They use the Earth’s magnetic field, stimulate nerve endings and improve processes in the human body. They not only relax the feet, they regulate the body’s work – eliminate pain, de-stress, act on the regeneration of human cells and tissues, and at the same time are safe! It is worth a try. “- Anna, therapist

Customer feedback about the iconic Promagnetin magnetic inserts

  • I have been using Promagnetin insoles for half a year. The size was universal, so my feet in size 38 turned out to be too big. As per the recommendations, I cut them, put them in shoes and now I wear them regularly. I translate sports shoes to ballet shoes and even high heels. It’s nice to massage my foot, so it’s hard for me to imagine a situation that I would not have them on me. Since I use them, a lot has improved in my body – I do not have migraines, I even lost a few kilos because I feel my metabolism work better. I would recommend. “- Alina, 47 years old
  • Before I found a solution to my problems, I used different methods – spreads, ointments, medications, treatments and rehabilitation. At the recommendation of a physiotherapist friend, I reached for Promagnetin insoles. They were supposed to eliminate the persistent pain of the spine and knees. It turned out that they work much more widely. It does not only hurt me, but I’m much more efficient. Walking, exercises do not make me pain anymore. I feel light and pleasant. I recommend !! I will not take them out of my shoes anymore, because the stimulation of feet is fabulously pleasant, and what’s more, I feel how energy flows through me! “- Magda, 54 years old
  • Overweight is my nightmare. It is accompanied by various metabolic diseases – diabetes, problems with joints, backache, limited mobility. Each movement causes joint pain, the feeling of screwing into the spine. The diets and rehabilitations proved ineffective. I decided to detoxify the body in a natural way and chose Promagnetin insoles. The Earth’s magnetic field has worked and today I am a different human being. I got rid of spine pain, I can move normally, and even lost my excess of ten kilograms of excess baggage. I recommend it to everyone. It works! “- Mateusz, 37 years old

Is it worth to use Promagnetin insoles? Our opinion

The footwear market is very dynamic – not only new shoes, but also accessories such as inserts are sold. While the usual, generally available ones can improve the comfort of walking, as there are no other properties that distinguish Promagnetin insoles.

The inserts greatly support the maintenance of the correct posture, but also holistically affect the entire body. They improve well-being, reduce pain and reduce other ailments, eg migraines, joint or spine disorders. We tested them on our own feet, which is why our rating can not be different from 5/5. We also encourage you to share your opinion!

Where to buy Promagnetin insoles? Our recommendation

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  3. I received recently PROMAGNETIC MASSAGE PADS and red CONTAINDICATING : Hearing Heads.
    I am 81 years old and use hearing heads quiet normal at my age.
    This information should have been informed before my order and not afterwards.
    I did not open the packing and what is the procedure to return everything.
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