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intens relief Electrostimulation or electro-massager may sound strange or even disturbing. However, it is a technique that allows you to relieve pain or relax muscles in a non-invasive way, using electrical impulses.

Until recently, such treatments were performed only by a beautician or masseur, but thanks to the introduction of the Intens Relief portable electro-massager on the market, you can perform an “electric” massage at home and enjoy its beneficial effect on our well-being.

  • 9 levels of adjustment
  • a home solution for everyone
  • eliminates pain
  • regenerates peripheral nerves

What is the Intens Relief (AcuPen Stimulation) electro-massager?

Intens Relief is a compact electro-massage device that you can always have with you. The purpose of the procedure is to emit low-power electrical impulses, which allow you to massage tense muscles and reduce pain.

You can also perform electrostimulation treatments at a masseur, in beauty or wellness salons, unfortunately in such facilities the cost of one treatment is very expensive.

Massage based on electrostimulation can be used for tired muscles after an injury. Electrical impulses regenerate damaged peripheral muscles and nerves.

In addition to this effect, electromassage also accelerates fat burning, improves oxygenation of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. By regularly exposing the body to electrical impulses, it is possible to reduce pain and tension.

Who are electromassages recommended for?

Stimulating muscles with electrical impulses is especially recommended for such ailments as:

  • rheumatism and arthritis ,
  • back pain, especially its chronic varieties,
  • degenerative pains,
  • arthralgia,
  • injuries and tired muscles,
  • arthralgia.

The device can be used by people over 18 years of age. When working with the device, keep away from water.

Are there any contraindications to using Intens Relief:

  • The use of the electro-massager is not allowed if you have a pacemaker, artificial heart, artificial lung, pulse regulator or any other electrical medical device;
  • Pregnancy,
  • Heart diseases,
  • Epilepsy

How should Intens Relief be used?

Electrical stimulation should be performed on the muscles in a relaxed state. Place the pad on your skin, after a while you should feel your muscles pulsate.

The camera will emit pulses as long as the overlay is in the correct orientation. Changing the position, small movement, will stop the generated vibrations. Therefore, it is important to take a comfortable position before electro-massage that allows you to keep the apparatus still for a few minutes.

You may experience a slight tingling sensation when performing electro massage. This should not be of concern to you.

Below is a detailed instruction on how to use the device:

  1. Remove the cap on the back of the device, insert one AA battery and put the cap back on.
  2. Then turn the device on by pressing the switch, but in such a position that the cap points upwards. The switch is the lower part of the black button marked with a “+” sign. After switching on, you should see the number 0 on the display. Using the control button you can adjust the power of the device from level 1 – the lowest power, to level 9 – the highest power.
  3. Before using the camera for the first time, test its operation on your hand.
  4. Before starting electromassage, apply a small amount of Contact Gel Intens Relief to the massage site.
  5. You can start electromassage. We recommend starting from the lowest level. If you do not feel pulsation after applying the massage cap, move the electro-massager over the skin until you feel the pulsation. If the vibrations are too weak, you can gradually increase the power of the device.
  6. If you feel a stinging sensation during electromassage, it means that the cap is not adhering to the skin properly. In this case, you should put more gel on the skin.
  7. After starting stimulation, slide the skin over the skin until you feel a distinct pulsation. Then it will be a place that requires electromassage.
  8. After completing the massage, set the power of the device to level 0, it will turn off automatically after 5 seconds.

Storage and application tips:

  • do not use an electro-massager without an overlay,
  • Keep out of the reach of children,
  • If the camera will not be used for an extended period, remove the batteries.

What distinguishes the Intens Relief electro-massager?

The Intens Relief personal electro massager has small shapes, so you can always have the device with you, even on the go. The built-in control system allows you to adjust the power of the device, you can choose from 9 different intensity levels (1-300 Hz).

Electrostimulation allows you to relieve pain and massage tense and tired muscles using gentle electrical impulses. Intens Relief is the perfect replacement for chemical painkillers or expensive visits to massage parlors.

What does the Intens Relief electrostimulation kit contain?

The complete set consists of:

  • intens relief contact gel electro-massager (non-medical device) with a handy shape, made of safe ABS plastic;
  • replaceable electrostimulation pads (1 pc flat overlay, 1 pc point overlay);
  • contact gel – 1 pc. Contact Gel Intens Relief 50ml;
  • AA Fujitsu battery;
  • cardboard packaging;
  • information leaflet;
  • a compendium of knowledge about electrostimulation;

Clients about Intens Relief – opinions on effectiveness:

  • The pain is over!Rheumatic pains started to bother me not so long ago, but they gave me a hard time. I didn’t want to burden my liver with strong painkillers. Browsing the news on the Internet, I came across an article on electrostimulation and Intens Relief. I ordered it out of curiosity, the package arrived very quickly. The massage and the throbbing sensation are quite pleasant, I don’t feel any discomfort. But the most important thing is that the pain goes away! I recommend!Karol, 48 years old
  • It relaxes the muscles and reduces painI have been exposed to acute stress for several months. The constant tension made my muscles ache. My muscles were so tense they felt like stone. As a gift from children, I got a portable Intens Relief electro-massager. At first I had some handling problems, especially finding the pulse spot, but I quickly got it under control. This electro-massager really relaxes your muscles and reduces pain.Hanna, 51 years old
  • As effective as in a professional office!I have been practicing sports regularly for several years. Sometimes I like to exaggerate a bit and unfortunately then I suffer from an injury for a few days. In such situations, I did a light stretching exercise or went to the masseur. One of the specialists has just recommended electrostimulation to me. I went for treatments a few times and was very pleased, unfortunately it cost quite a lot. When I was reading about electromassages on the Internet, I found information about Intens Relief. The device interested me so much that I decided to order it. I honestly admit that electrical impulses work as well as in a professional massage therapist’s office!Renata, 32 years old

Where to buy Intens Relief?

Buying an electro-massager is a decision that must be made wisely. Do not be influenced by an extremely low price, because websites or auction offers with such attractive prices are, unfortunately, the most common suggestions for buying fakes.

Where is the best place to buy then? The most certain way is to buy on the manufacturer ‘s official website , the link to which can be found under our review. If you order the device on the manufacturer’s website, you get a 100% originality guarantee. If you suffer from unpleasant ailments or pains, it is worth ordering Intens Relief as soon as possible!

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