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lumiviss pro LumiViss Pro are specialist glasses equipped with a UV filter and a polarizing filter. They allow for comprehensive eye protection in difficult conditions, i.e. with excessive radiation, the presence of glare and glare.

They facilitate vision and at the same time have a positive effect on health by preventing harmful light from passing through.

Below we review one of the leading products on the market, distinguished from the competition by more modern technology, good quality of materials and thus effectiveness.

LumiViss Pro – protect your eyes from excessive sun

Every driver has to deal with the problem of driving a vehicle in badly bad lighting conditions. Annoying glare, glare and excessive radiation not only spoil the eyesight, but also significantly reduce driving safety.

Similar disadvantages are faced by min. sailors and extreme sports enthusiasts. These are the groups of people particularly exposed to the negative effects of solar radiation.

What are the indications for the use of LumiViss Pro?

Each of us is actually exposed to the harmfulness associated with excessive light radiation. The problem escalates on sunny days, but in fact harmful radiation also occurs in cloudy weather (although it is less disturbing then).

LumiViss Pro should be used primarily by drivers and cyclists. Thanks to the glasses with filters ( UV and polarization ), they protect the eyesight, as well as their and others’ safety. It is known that in the case of dazzling by reflections or glitters, it is not difficult to achieve a tragedy. The field of view is limited, distracting and you can cause an accident. This can be avoided by using LumiViss Pro glasses.

Moreover, the glasses are eagerly used by amateurs of water and extreme sports. Even long eye exposure to snow is extremely harmful to him. It happens that photosensitivity is associated with taking medications, and in this case it is also worth wearing protective glasses. In practice, the product is recommended to all people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

The effects of using LumiViss Pro

  • protection against UVA, UVB and UVC radiation (UV filter);
  • bringing relief to tired eyes;
  • reducing all glare and glare to a minimum (polarizing filter);
  • increasing the width of vision (improving lateral vision);
  • relief for people struggling with photosensitivity;
  • reducing the negative impact of radiation on human health;
  • reduce the occurrence of cataracts and macular degeneration with long exposure to the sun;
  • great comfort of walks and everyday activities in the air;

LumiViss Pro – strength lies in technology

The lenses are equipped with a good quality UV filter that blocks three ranges of ultraviolet radiation (UVA, UVB and UVC). It can be concluded that it provides a complete protection package. On the other hand, a polarizing filter, as its name implies, has the ability to polarize light. It determines which light can reach the eyes and directs them. Thanks to this, it reduces various glare that negatively affects health, distracting and disorienting. It is worth noting that:

  • When light is reflected from flat surfaces such as wet surfaces, snow and ice, as well as from the vehicle window, the polarization is only partial. This can cause glare, worsens visual comfort and even shape perception;
  • usually sunglasses do not block the white glow – glare;
  • sunglasses can even harm the wearer. The use of black lenses allows the pupil to dilate and naturally “let in” more light. On the other hand, the lack of appropriate filters in glasses – counterfeit products – makes this “gate” open wide, which may result in fatigue and visual impairment;
  • corrective glasses also do not protect against harmful radiation;

LumiViss Pro glasses have a protective coating that prevents scratches. As a result, the product serves for many years and constantly provides comfortable vision. High-quality materials were used for its production, which also contributes to high durability and resistance to adverse external factors.

LumiViss Pro glasses are “unbreakable”.

How should LumiViss Pro be used?

The package contains two pairs of glasses: for driving at night with dark yellow illuminating lenses and for driving during the day with tinted lenses. There are two options to choose from. The small package contains glasses with UV 200 filter. Optimal, however, is the large package, which is the subject of this review. The glasses have a UV 200 filter, a polarization filter and an anti-scratch coating. The set includes a case.

LumiViss Pro glasses easily adjust to the shape of the head. Their use does not reduce the comfort of looking. Put them on at least a few minutes before driving the car to get used to your eyesight. The key to use is to use as intended (day glasses, night glasses).

The glasses should not be used for more than five hours (continuously). Keep them clean. The frames are quite wide and can be worn over ordinary prescription glasses. LumiViss Pro has a sleek, modern look. They are made of high-quality polymer materials, thanks to which they are not very susceptible to damage, tearing off the hands or breaking.

User feedback on the effectiveness of LumiViss Pro glasses

  • I drive much better”I am a professional driver. I travel with the goods all over Europe. I like doing this. Unfortunately, there is a whole list of occupational diseases – from back pain to postural defects. This is the dark side of the profession (apart from traffic jams). However, what people mention less often are visual impairments. Very often, vision is difficult, e.g. due to a wet road reflecting light, the sun hitting the glass directly or even snow. Therefore, when driving in such conditions, I wear LumiViss Pro glasses. I use them quite often, optionally during the day or at night. I ride much better and I noticed at the same time that my eyesight does not get tired so much. I recommend.Adam, 44 years old
  • “I like to walk”I use LumiViss Pro glasses every day. Maybe not all the time, but in certain situations and weather conditions. I like walking and sometimes excessive sun does not allow me to fully enjoy the view. In winter I love skiing – here also a plus for glasses. I put them on my bike and while driving. I noticed that my eyesight is less tiring and most of all I have no problem with blinding and blinding light. Filters absorb them so you can watch with confidence.Anna, 38 years old
  • “From a sailor’s journal”Sailing is my true passion and a way to relax, although I am only a modest amateur-hobbyist. Every year I fulfill myself in inland navigation. Whoever shares my passion knows how harmful long-term eye contact with water can be. People want to look at the surrounding views (they are not as uniform as many people think) and relax, and sometimes the blinding light takes away all the comfort. Therefore, in such moments, I put on LumiViss Pro and regain full perception. However, on a daily basis I use them while driving a car.Andrzej, 56 years old

Where to buy LumiViss Pro? Our opinion

LumiViss Pro is recommended to be purchased on the manufacturer’s official website (we provide a link below). Only this will guarantee that the buyer will receive the original product.

It happens that you can find glasses on the Internet at a very high discount. You have to be careful not to fall victim to fraud (no delivery of goods, receipt of a counterfeit with much worse parameters, no filters). Such offers go to, among others on social media channels. You cannot be fooled. Good quality costs money, although the price in this case is still very attractive for glasses from such a high shelf.

Is it worth using LumiViss Pro? Our recommendation

The LumiViss Pro glasses received an excellent grade for quality. The workmanship is decent and the filters used actually facilitate vision and protect the growth from blinding light. It is worth using them because they ensure safety in various situations and simply make life easier.

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