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tarellan pro A slim figure still does not go out of fashion. Many people cannot motivate themselves to follow a low-calorie diet or maintain an active lifestyle.

So what to do when we cannot boast of a fast metabolism or a modeled, shapely figure? It is worth trying out a new slimming method that uses a magnetic field.

You don’t need to starve yourself or exercise to lose weight , just wear a special magnetic belt . Even when we are walking, watching a movie or cooking dinner, our body will burn fat !

We invite you to read the reviews about the Tarellan Pro magnetic slimming therapy .

Advantages of using Tarellan Pro

  • Shapes the figure;
  • Loses weight without exercise;
  • Maximizes thermogenesis;
  • It allows you to sculpt the silhouette.

What is Tarellan Pro?

It is an innovation among home slimming methods that appeared on the market at the beginning of 2021. Interestingly, these are not another miracle pills for slimming , but a method of stimulating thermogenesis (faster fat burning) based on science and technological achievements.

Tarellan Pro is a special magnetic belt that affects the body’s thermoregulation processes and thus allows you to warm up and burn fat. As a result, just wearing the product allows you to slim your figure and get rid of extra pounds.

Who is the Tarellan Pro belt for?

Magnetic belt with slimming properties is intended for women and men. The size is universal and can be easily adjusted to the individual dimensions of the figure. Tarellan Pro is recommended for people who want to slim their figure and get rid of overweight or obesity.

  • Reduces waist size;
  • Burns belly fat;
  • Eliminates spilling sides.

How does the Tarellan Pro magnetic belt work?

The product not only slims the figure, but also shapes it. Tarellan Pro effectively shapes the abdominal muscles . Regularly used, it reduces the waist and hip circumference, and burns fat without exercise . The belt supports the spine in the lumbar region, people who feel pain in this area report visible relief.

The magnetic belt contains 12 magnets, each with a power of 500 gauss . The generated magnetic field stimulates blood circulation and thermogenesis of the body, thanks to which it accelerates metabolism and reduces body fat .

Talleral Pro is made of a solid material that does not irritate the skin, does not cause abrasions, and provides thermal insulation. Produced by the magnets, the magnetic field heats up adipose tissue, accelerating its breakdown. The magnetic field causes the muscles to twitch like during exercise. Hence, the regular use of the belt shapes the figure and sculpts the muscles.

How should Tarellan Pro be used correctly?

It can be used both during the day and at night. The magnetic strip should be put directly on the skin, the inside is covered with magnets. The fasteners will allow you to adjust the belt to the dimensions of the person, so that the pressure is not too great and does not obstruct the blood flow.

The magnetic belt can be hand washed in lukewarm water. The water temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees Celsius. Do not use bleaches, washing powders and liquids during washing. Do not dry in an electric dryer, do not expose to direct sunlight.

Are there any contraindications to the use of Tarellan Pro?


  • pregnancy;
  • skin damage;
  • inflammation and infections;
  • having a pacemaker;
  • fever;
  • do not use in the genital area.

How to increase the effectiveness of weight loss?

If you want to strengthen the effect of the magnetic belt for slimming, you must wear it during physical exertion, even as moderate as a regular walk.

This will make fat burning even faster !

Opinions on the effectiveness of the Tarellan Pro belt

  • I don’t know how, but it works!It’s hard to believe that wearing a belt will make me lose weight. I don’t know much about physics and I don’t understand exactly how it works, but after 10 days of wearing the belt regularly, the effect is visible! I weighed myself and saw as much as 5 kilograms less weight! I will continue to use it and hope for even greater effects! – Dreams
  • I like this weight loss! – I tried to lose weight for a long time, but it was a torment for me. Sucking in the stomach, eating paper-flavored salads. When I read about the magnetic belt for weight loss, I was immediately tempted. I put it on during home chores or in the evening when relaxing in front of the TV. It doesn’t cost me any effort and the weight has already dropped. I tried on the pants that were tight, and now my waist is loose! – Katarzyna
  • Weight Goes DownI’ve never had a weight problem, but after my 50th birthday, my stomach started to grow. I never ate much so it was not easy to cut calories. After work, I felt very tired, so it was not easy to motivate myself to run or go to the gym. Tarellan Pro turned out to be the solution to my problems. I come home from work, put on the magnetic belt, watch my favorite movies and the weight goes down! – Tomasz

Where to buy the Tarellan Pro slimming magnetic belt? Our opinion

You will not get this product at a pharmacy or medical store. We also do not recommend buying from private persons or in small online stores. They are most likely fakes, as the original magnetic slimming belt can only be ordered on the official website of the manufacturer .

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