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cistat Inflammation of the bladder, as well as other similar diseases, is an embarrassing and bothersome problem for everyone. Frequent visits to the toilet can be very troublesome and the burning pain reduces comfort and makes it difficult to perform daily activities. How to deal with it? A quick and effective solution is offered by Cistat, a dietary supplement that uses the gifts of nature.

Bladder inflammation and Cistat

Bladder inflammation affects women more than men. It manifests itself, among others burning sensation when urinating, a feeling of pressure on the bladder and pain in the lower abdomen . The cause is bacteria that nest in the bladder wall. The reasons can be various and are not only related to poor hygiene or having sex. Factors increasing the risk of the disease include long-term use of antibiotics (followed by weakening of immunity), use of vaginal contraception, anatomical defects, kidney stones, diabetes, use of public toilets , obesity and also “fasting”. Therefore, the problem must be dealt with immediately and, at the same time, the body should be protected in the future. Cistat has this double effect.

Intended use

Cistat is intended for adults – women and men. It is recommended to use it if you have any of the symptoms listed above. At the same time, you can take the tablets (less intensively) after the discomfort has subsided, so as not to return the inflammation. It is worth getting the supplement just in case, especially if problems with the bladder appear sporadically. Then you can react immediately and fight the infection in the initial phase , when there is not a large multiplication of bacteria colonies yet. If left untreated, a bladder can cause necrosis, cysts, polyps, and even cancer. Furthermore, sterility cannot be ruled out. The diseases associated with bladder inflammation should not be underestimated.

Effects of application:

  • reducing the pain felt when urinating;
  • reducing the need to go to the toilet frequently;
  • decreased feeling of pressure on the bladder;
  • combating particularly urine odor characteristic of a bacterial infection;
  • purification of blood from the urine resulting from bladder inflammation;
  • combating the troublesome problem of urinary incontinence;
  • restoring the balance in the body and improving the functioning of the urinary system;
  • elimination of free radicals (preventing cell aging and reducing the risk of neoplastic diseases);

How to use Cistat?

Cistat is a supplement in the form of tablets. In case of symptoms of bladder inflammation, it is recommended to take two tablets a day, preferably at long intervals, eg in the morning and in the evening. After the treatment is finished, you can apply one tablet a day for protection. Cistat should be washed down with plenty of water. It does not interfere with other supplements. It contains a natural composition, is safe for the body and does not cause side effects. In case of serious illness and taking very strong medications, it is better to consult a doctor about the use of Cistat. Contraindication is also pregnancy and breastfeeding (it is not about harmfulness, but the lack of tests conducted on these two separate groups).

The composition of the Cistat supplement – natural ingredients

  • Extract from large cranberry ( Vaccinium macrocarpum ) – a rich source of vitamins (A, C, group B) and mineral salts (zinc, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, iodine, calcium), proanthocyanidins and flavonoids that act as antioxidants. Cranberry is most often used to fight ailments of the urinary system. The “Experimental Biology” conference in 2002 confirmed that it inhibited the adhesion of bacterial fimbria to the cells of the urinary epithelium. In practice, this means that the microbes are more easily excreted in the urine . The extract can therefore speed up the treatment of bacterial infections and protect against recurrence. Supports the overall functioning of the urinary system. At the same time, it nourishes the body and improves immunity. Large-fruited cranberry is a shrub with edible fruit, often used in preserves. It comes from the eastern part of North America.
  • Grapefruit seed extract ( Citrus maxima ) – is one of the strongest antibacterial agents. It allows you to fight infections quickly. It is treated as a natural antibiotic. It inhibits the growth of fungi and viruses. It fights discomfort associated with pressure on the abdominal cavity. It supports the immune system and is a powerful antioxidant (fights free radicals). It is useful in the treatment of inflammation of various grounds. It relieves pain and brings relief. It contains vitamin C, carotenoids , glycosides, bioflavonoids – quercetin, hesperidin and kaempferol. Grapefruits are grown in many countries of the subtropics.
  • Plant extract from seeds containing bioflavonoids ( 10% ) – these are natural substances that have a versatile, beneficial effect on the body. They prevent many diseases and help to fight infection. They fight free radicals (antioxidant property). Additionally, they lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • D-mannose is an organic compound that works like the antibiotics used in urinary tract infections. Contrary to them, it has no side effects . It attaches to bacteria, making them more easily excreted in the urine. It prevents the relapse of the disease.

Cistat reviews

  • Problem solved in a few days “Bladder inflammation is a burning problem. It happened to me once while attending a conference. We discuss the pro-health problem, people from all over the world came and here I have to go to the bathroom every now and then. People looked strangely and I, to make it less stupid, took out my phone, saying that I had something important to do. In addition, I felt pain while urinating. I couldn’t concentrate on my work. Total failure. I quickly went to the doctor and got antibiotics. The treatment worked, but my immunity dropped and I developed flu shortly after. Then I took the time to find an agent that would solve the bladder problem and not cause side effects. I found Cistat. In fact, when after many weeks I felt the familiar tightness and pain in my bladder, I started taking the supplementation. Three days and it was over. I swallowed the pills for a few more days, just in case.
  • Quickly and effectively “I was terrified when I felt pain while urinating. In addition, I felt unmerciful pressure on my bladder. I went back to the toilet and only managed to release a few drops. It turned out that I have bladder inflammation. I didn’t want to take any medications, I cut down on my chemistry. I was looking for a valuable supplement. I chose Cistat because it had the best composition I have reviewed and an affordable form. My intuition did not confuse me. I used the supplement every day, two tablets. After a few days, I didn’t feel any sign of illness anymore, but I decided to use the packaging anyway. I was thinking: it won’t hurt and it might help. Several months have passed since then. I haven’t had bladder inflammation. “
  • End of blister problem “I found out about Cistat from a friend. She recommended it to me for my embarrassing, burning problems that kept coming up. She was helped by a packet of pills that she could use quickly if necessary. After all, it happens differently. She gave me her supply. And it actually helped. My symptoms were gone, I got rid of them completely in about a week. No more bladder inflammation. I did not expect a natural supplement to be as effective as conventional drugs. “

Where to buy Cistat?

Cistat is a dietary supplement which has gained a great reputation on the market due to its quick action and lack of side effects. It is relatively cheap (for a product of this class) and helps where sometimes even drugs fail. Unfortunately, it also has its downside – it has less quality, cheaper fakes. That is why we warn you against using unreliable sales sources, such as “appealing” and suspicious offers posted on social-media websites. Often these are attempts at fraud and deception. The purchase from the direct manufacturer guarantees the receipt of the original product and the safe delivery . We provide a link to it below.

Cistat is a great alternative to more invasive medications. It is effective in combating bladder inflammation and its accompanying symptoms. It is worth using it temporarily – for troublesome problems, as well as prophylactically to protect against them.

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